I’ve gone and done it!

So it is official.  I have gone and done it!  I joined the NaNoWriMo since my goals have been to write more and get better so I can actually accomplish my goals of publishing some books.  If anyone is interested here is the site http://www.nanowrimo.org/ It looks to be a fun challenge!  Now of course I may have to come up with some preliminary ideas to craft a story, maybe even get some practice in with creating some outlines.  I am so excited to participate in this, hopefully I can even succeed, lol.


The Threat, Only the Beginning

Out dining at your local favorite Chinese restaurant one afternoon a strange event occurs.  Getting your fortune cookie, it has the strangest of messages in it.  “Your life is in danger.  Say nothing to anyone.  You must leave the city immediately and never return.  Repeat: say nothing”  Carefully you look around.  Nothing seems out of place, and you do not notice anyone looking at you.  Now granted you eat here every week and a few of your friends are jokers, but they like to see the response from their jokes.  They do not seem to be anywhere in sight, so what does this mean?  You finish up and pay for your meal, just as you always do.  Heading home you think about what is best to do.  Should you really leave?  This could be some big hoax, but if it isn’t, what if you really are in danger?

Transformation: Chapter 1

March 3, 3033

We were selected!  All the time of hurry and wait and finally the process has begun.  We know the doctors have said the results could be interesting, and the side affects many.  We are pioneers embarking on this new trial.  They still have not told us much about it, only that it is a very new experiment.  Looking around at the others going through their various trials, we wonder how many of them will be changed.  There are whispers the whole program we are part of is some secret conspiracy of the government.  Some kind of DNA rewriting program.  They want to make us stronger.  Take animal DNA and get rid of our faults.  Thinking about it I figure there is nothing to lose anymore.  Maybe if it really is we could find a new way of life.  This just isn’t working anymore, after so many years of no results.  That’s probably why we were selected for this new treatment.  With very little family and ties we are open to disappear.  I have begun to believe those saying this is some form of conspiracy just for the simple fact that we have not been getting any answers.  Some of the people here speak another language, I am sure they too wonder.  I am curious as to how they have found and chose those of us selected for this journey…

March 8, 3033

The next round is soon to begin.  So far we have not seen much for

Transformation: Prologue

October 3032

There is this great trial out there for people like us.  The people who have tried everything, and nothing has worked.  They have not said much about this trial, but the criteria to get into it is pretty hard.  We will see if we can get in soon.

November 3032

We had our first apointment to see if we match all the criteria for this trial.  The doctor sounded real excited.  I’m not sure his excitement was such a good thing, but it sounds like real good for us.  We should know soon I hope.

November 3032

So far so good.  She passed all the preliminary work.  That means she has to pass anouther round.  It sounds like total there are three rounds she has to pass before she makes it in.  Her overall health outside of this is great which was real helpful.  Her DNA is a perfect match also, which is what got the doctor so excited.  I guess thats a big deal on if this whole thing will work.  I overheard them talking about it in the hall, saying something about it being a determining factor, especially with her overall health being so good.