Transformation: Prologue

October 3032

There is this great trial out there for people like us.  The people who have tried everything, and nothing has worked.  They have not said much about this trial, but the criteria to get into it is pretty hard.  We will see if we can get in soon.

November 3032

We had our first apointment to see if we match all the criteria for this trial.  The doctor sounded real excited.  I’m not sure his excitement was such a good thing, but it sounds like real good for us.  We should know soon I hope.

November 3032

So far so good.  She passed all the preliminary work.  That means she has to pass anouther round.  It sounds like total there are three rounds she has to pass before she makes it in.  Her overall health outside of this is great which was real helpful.  Her DNA is a perfect match also, which is what got the doctor so excited.  I guess thats a big deal on if this whole thing will work.  I overheard them talking about it in the hall, saying something about it being a determining factor, especially with her overall health being so good.


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