The Threat, Only the Beginning

Out dining at your local favorite Chinese restaurant one afternoon a strange event occurs.  Getting your fortune cookie, it has the strangest of messages in it.  “Your life is in danger.  Say nothing to anyone.  You must leave the city immediately and never return.  Repeat: say nothing”  Carefully you look around.  Nothing seems out of place, and you do not notice anyone looking at you.  Now granted you eat here every week and a few of your friends are jokers, but they like to see the response from their jokes.  They do not seem to be anywhere in sight, so what does this mean?  You finish up and pay for your meal, just as you always do.  Heading home you think about what is best to do.  Should you really leave?  This could be some big hoax, but if it isn’t, what if you really are in danger?


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