Transformation: Chapter 6?

June 17, 3033

      Here we are, moving along.  It is as if we have been going along on auto pilot.  It is a bit disconcerting, things have just been so quiet.  Things have been just a bit too good.  What does all that mean?  No troubles, no side effects.  Does that mean that everything will work out grand?  Does that mean that we should be prepared for things to go haywire?  I know that things just seem to keep moving and they are just so quiet.  Like that calm before the storm.  I see others who have been going through some of this, others who we think are on the same study as she.  None seem to be taking this treatment as well, and the doctors are just loving how good she is doing.

Outside of being nervous that things are going too well, there have been a few odd little things I have notice.  The other day after she got out of the shower there were purple spots all over her legs.  I am not sure why, but they seemed to have gone away.  When we brought this up the doctor said that it could just be from the heat of the water, or maybe slight graft vs. host bothered by the heat.  But it is nothing they say.  We will continue to watch it and make sure nothing more comes of it.

Her hair is trying to come back in, but she seems to be flaking off skin all over.  It is like no matter what she does her skin is just scaly and flakes off.  I suppose after the heavy drugs they used in her body it is growing everything new.

Something odd we have noticed as we go up to the new area of the hospital.  There is no way to get onto floors four and five, and they have a big X when the elevator is going by them.  I wonder why it seems to skip them.  It is very unusual.

We have been officially told we have the weekend off.  It is a nice feeling.  To not have to go in for the first time in over a month!  I am sure we will find something to occupy our time.


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