The Twins: An Outline

So I am taking a free e-course to writing a plot outline.  The first week of this seven week course is the actual plotting exercises.  So, since I gave it a go here is my first ever rough sketch of what my story The Twins may look like.  This of course is a first start and entitled to MANY changes, lol.  But since it is my first go I figured I would share it.  Any ideas for it please let me know, I would love to add more scenes and structure to my story, this is just what I came up with as I was working on this project today.

The First Ever Plot Outline

    1. Sum up what you know about your character in one short paragraph.
      1. What he does, what he needs, what he wants, what he fears…

Aidain and Aisling are twins.  They have just left home, and are afraid of their mom finding them.  They both graduated high school a year early.  Both want to get a college degree and want their life to be meaningful.  Aidain is very protective of Aisling, and it drives her nuts.  They are very close and fear what would happen if their mom would find them.   They want to create lives for themselves somewhere far from where they grew up and maybe find spouses as time goes on.

    1. Determine what you like and don’t like about your original summary.
      1. List the points you want to pursue, the ideas that you find fascinating and compelling.  Three or four items will be enough.

They are too young to actually get married, but finding someone, maybe having an unsuccessful relationship and one of them finding someone.  Dealing with their mom finding them, but I don’t want them to move from where they are living.  Maybe they will become of age or something to put a stop to their mothers control?  Maybe something to do with their real father? Or dealing with why their mom is the way she is or something along that line.

    1. Write your opener.  Any ideas about your character, put together single paragraph that focuses on the critial parts of your character (from step 1)  Should answer the following questions:
      1. What is the most difficult thing my character is struggling with right now?
      2. How does that struggle give him one problem he must solve?
      3. Who or what will stand in the way of the solution he seeks?

The twins are going to sneak away from home in the middle of the night.  A friend of Aidain is going to help them get set up in a different state, near where he lives.  They have to find a way to get what little they want to take with them out of the house, and to the new place without their mom finding out.

    1. Create your ending.  Using your opener figure out in general terms how you want the story to end.  Try to answer the following questions:
      1. Does your protagonist succeed or fail in gaining the objective you gave him in your opener?
      2. Does your story come to an emotionally satisfying conclusion?
      3. Can you see yourself going through anywhere from ten pages to seven hundred and being happy to see the story end this way?

One twin will succeed in finding a relationship.

They will find a way to get out from under their mothers life, interesting things will come up in all of this.  Maybe who their father is, maybe he will take part, maybe he is dead… not sure on that, but he will be a key in them getting away from their mother.

He may not be someone who they like, he might be worse in some way or another.

Yes, but I will want more for Aidain.  (This may be the opening for a second story out of this.)

    1. Rough in your middle.  Sketch in between 3 and 60 one line scene.
      1. Come up with many as often you will find that about 20% of your ideas will not pan out.

Mom will find them.

Aidain will find a girlfriend, it will end badly.

Aisling will fall in love with Aidain’s friend.  (lots of drama over this?)

They will find their birth father?

Their mother will cause serious trouble.

Their birth father will not be who he seems.

Aidain will find someone else he likes, but takes it much slower.

Aisling will get a job.


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