Ever Behind

I have such great intentions, but life always seems to get in my way.  I know there are a million excuses for why I am not working on my blog, but none of them are really all that good.  I read somewhere that have to schedule it in to your day and you have to write if you ever want to be any good.  Well, I managed to get a beautiful writing area set up for myself, and yet I still have not really managed to use it to write.  What do I do, play video games, namely Runescape.  Well, I have managed to actually get somewhere on my story about the twins, and I have purpose once more.  So now I am making it my goal to do some kind of writing every week.  As with all intentions we will see.  But I wont say try, because as Yoda says, “do, or do not, there is no try!”  So instead I am putting the intention out there to DO!  


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