Writing Idea Jar

We all have those days as writers. Days where we just don’t know where to start, or what to work on. What do you do about it? Well, being a creative type, and having a great love for looking things up, I figured it would be great to talk about making a Writing Idea Jar.

What you need is based fully on what you would want. You can have a mason jar, maybe a box, or even a little notebook. Whatever appeals to you as a writer. You will also want something to put your writing prompts on, colored paper strips, index cards, or that little notebook. Whatever is your flavor.
Then, the most important piece of this is the writing prompts or writing exercises. I will give you a few to get started, but know these are only a starting place! Inspiration can come from anywhere, add things as you think of them.

  • Write at least 100 words about a dog and a pair of eyeglasses.
  • Write at least 400 words about a betrayal, a theater, a note and a pair of dice.
  • Write at least 100 words about a mirror and a historic item.
  • Write at least 200 words about a period of severe weather, a clue and a locked box.
  • Write at least 250 words about a natural disaster, a bridge, and a boot. Focusing on one character’s internal monologue.
  • Write at least 300 words about a secret, a knife, a horn and a hunter.
  • Write at least 400 words about a banishment, a cloak and a weapon.
  • Write at least 300 words about a rebellion, a treasure and a lamp.
  • Write at least 350 words about a meeting, a dream and a clue.
  • Write at least 150 words about a loss, a newspaper, a farmer, a scroll and a school. Focus on dialog.

Hope you find this helpful in creating your own little Writing Idea Jar, or box, or book.  Let me know any of your ideas!


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