Travel Logs

I am going to use my blog as a bit of practice for a while… so here goes.  This is my travels to the Great Pyramids of Gyza. 

Standing and looking with rapt wonder in the shadow of the great pyramid, you can’t do anything else. Towering above me, the great pyramid holds me in thrall. To actually be standing here, in front of one of the seven wonders is an amazing adventure.
Stepping foot into the grand pyramid I look around, in the small space of the corridor. Wondering how they would have moved through these tiny passages as I make my way up the ascending passageway. Breathing in the air changes as I go further in. I continue the steep climb, finally able to stand when I reach the grand lower gallery, moving past the passage to the queens chamber I continue on to my goal of the kings burial space. Finally reaching the top of the Grand Gallery I take the passage into the King’s Chamber.
Looking around me at the bare chamber I think of the history that this room seen! The sarcophagus all that remains, a cold empty stone container. The air heavy around me, like the stones pressing down all around. The walls and ceiling made of smooth blocks, from a time when they did not have the tools that we use today. It is amazing, the craftsmanship that went into the building of this amazing tomb.
Making my way back down I stop by the Queen’s Chamber. An interesting place that had to be prepared for something in mind. It makes you wonder what the room was really meant for. Having a niche that is over 15 foot of space in it, there had to be some kind of plans for this special room on the way to the King’s final resting place. The floor uneven around the room, and the walls not perfectly square, a contrast to the King’s Chamber, with it’s smooth walls, floor and ceiling.
Continuing my journey back out of the great pyramid I look back up at the amazing construct. Taking a deep breath of fresh air. Towering above me is a work of amazing proportions. How in a day that did not have the tools we have did they manage to build something as big and heavy as the pyramid?!? It is something that will always be a wonder to me!

I hope that you managed to get a glimpse of this incredible place!  Please feel free to share, did I take you there?  Did you get a glimpse of somewhere else?


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