Life Changes and Writing Differently

My journey with my blog has been rather sporadic to say the least, but I have really made a goal with myself, during this stint of Camp NaNo, where we were encouraged to write anything, not just on our novels, to make an effort to write! Well, in the doing, I had decided one of those moments when I was procrastinating about working on my story to work on my blog and something occurred to me! Since the death of my wife three months ago, I write different. It is not how I approach writing that has changed, nor even my thoughts on writing, but the words that I choose, the style and tone in which I write that has changed.
I then decided to look just a bit further, and wouldn’t you know, I have taken that and transferred it to my story writing as well! This is a really big thing, and is leading me to now explore it deeper. Life events, or big changes in our lives, change us as people so how would that not affect us in other aspects of our lives.
I am not really sure I know what this means for my writing yet to come, but I am hoping it is an amazing new turn for me. I see it really helping me grow as a writer and part of me can’t wait to pull out my other works in progress and see where this new style will take them. Will it change the direction they started in? Will it just change their tone? Or will it make them deeper and more well rounded?
There are so many questions it would seem and no answers to all of this. More of the Journey that writing has taken on to me, I am thinking. With these new changes in my writing and my life it might be time for a new title for my blog, we will have to see, but I am thinking the development of this journey that it now is to me is really what is important. It isn’t always what I write. It isn’t even how often I write, but instead it is where it is taking me, each and every time I jot down a word, a phrase, a thought. They are all The Journey.


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