Creative Spaces

Life has this sneaky way of catching up with us. Camp NaNo allows me to forget all those little things I don’t really want to do on a daily basis, but yarny was down last night for maintenance, and so instead of writing I then decided it was time to clean out my writing space that I had neglected since my wife died.
The creative process, at least for me does not like clutter, and so my writing space is almost always relatively neat, but when life got in the way I let it slide.  Obviously there was clutter everywhere, not just my writing space.

Finding myself with time, and feeling like having that “creative space” back would help me find my “writing groove” once more I set to work. No easy feat, as you can see…

My messy writing space

I did manage to pull it together in short order though, and it is so welcoming! I couldn’t wait to set up the other laptop and get back to my creative space. Here is what it looks like now…


Now I am ready to get busy working on my Camp NaNo story once more! Of course it could just mean that I can be distracted all the easier, having two screens to really lay out everything I am working on. Or be distracted by facebook, who knows… it’s the journey!

What about you? Do you have a place perfect for writing? Do you like to leave home or curl up somewhere no one can find you? What is your ideal location?


4 thoughts on “Creative Spaces”

  1. I have my writing desk situated right in front of a window. Usually it only affords me a view of the freeway privacy wall, but just the other afternoon I saw what I think was a hawk swoop down over the front yard! I think it was a good omen 🙂 In any case I’m not moving that desk now!

    1. I love my window beside my desk! There are feeders in my yard and a bird bath, not to mention I have lots of squirrels and rabbits playing in my yard daily! A hawk would be AMAZING!!! I keep my camera on the bookshelf behind me,always at the ready to catch things that happen. I would not move my desk after an event like that myself! I would take it as a great omen, hawks are often considered messengers, the protector and the visionaries of the Air, that holds the key to higher levels of consciousness, and awakens vision and inspires a creative life purpose. I love seeing what different animals and birds come into my yard while working away.

  2. Now I feel so much better about the papers, envelopes I have scribbled ideas on, and the seemingly chaotic appearance of my kitchen table! Thank you for making me feel at home in my writing world! You are a wonderful writer!

    1. You would not believe the amount of post-it notes and index cards floating around my desk. I really should post a pic of all the post-its stuck to the ledge under my monitors **grins** I am actually looking for a way to keep them where I can easily find the one I am looking for. Easier said than done, even with all the colors I have!
      I am glad it helped and that my writing has resonated with you!

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