Writing and My Groove


“I’m sorry, you have just thrown off the emperor’s groove!”

There… that is it, I have made it back in my groove. You know, those writerly ruts you have forged, keeping you on the path to your writerly goals.


“Now I feel really bad. Bad llama”

We all have those moments. The ones where no matter how excited we are about our WIP, and no matter how much we know about it, we just can’t seem to get into the actual writing of it. Maybe it is our Muse saying she is on holiday. Maybe it is just us, loving the idea and afraid of what will come of it. Who knows, but what I do know was I didn’t even realize I had managed to get out of my groove. I was struggling to form new ruts, down a dark and lonely trail.
Now, don’t get me wrong, I am all about blazing a new trail! But I also know that some things work better than others. I had been eking out my word count right on target, but not a bit more. As I have a low word count goal and I really want to be closer to the 50k mark this was a sad thing for me.
While chatting with a fellow writing friend, we were discussing each of our WIP. I have to say I owe him a debt. All it took was a few little nudges and there I was, plowing down that wonderful rut! I have since managed to get ahead and even almost caught up to his word count. Isn’t it amazing how a few well placed questions about your story can get you back on track?


How about you? Do you need fresh eyes to look at your story? Even if it is just beginning, the insights a trusted friend or colleague can share could make a world of difference. I know it did for me!

Do you find you work better alone? Or with another set of eyes to look over your work and ask the things they are curious about? Please share your secrets of keeping your groove on!


14 thoughts on “Writing and My Groove”

  1. I definitely work best with someone to bounce ideas off of! When I was in college I was surrounded by fellow writers, so it was easy to find someone across the library and say, “Hey! Do you think this is plausible?” My roommate was great for it too. Now I have to e-mail them to get answers, but it still works well.

    1. I almost always have a messenger open, and ping things off of writing friends. Hey, some people my look at writing as this solitary thing, but I sure don’t! The more the merrier *grins* especially if we all write differently! Gives so much different perspective…

  2. My husband, Mother, and just younger sister are all very helpful to me on this journey.
    My husband is my constant encourager, muse, and research buddy.
    My Mother is my editor.
    And my Sister is always helping me look at my work from a different angle.

    Btw, “Now I feel really bad. Bad llama.” is totally my favorite line from that hilarious movie. 🙂

    1. My wife was my biggest support and encouragement in this crazy writing Journey. Our honeymoon, back in 2011, she let me write through it as I was doing NaNo. Not many spouses are that supportive, I really loved her! She also helped me with research from time to time. But usually she was always just there, encouraging me to write, no matter how it was turning out.
      My one sister used to read my stuff, but lately she has been too busy, but I have some pretty great friends who read and let me know what they think!

      That whole movie made me laugh, and honestly. I wrote the whole post, then the last line made me HAVE to add the quotes and images. It was just too perfect an opportunity not to!

  3. Ok, this one is just too good, and makes me too happy, so it’s getting reblogged.
    Probably with a comment like “Oh my gosh! A post about writing that references the Emperor’s New Groove! You gotta read this.”

    1. I am glad you liked it! I recently found that writing in my blog regularly, looking at my writing journey, and the hardships and joys along the way, really helps me write. Besides, it is a great way to procrastinate when I am not up for working on my story, *grins*

      1. I so agree. Even if I am part way through one of my story shorts for Death Club, and I am chatting to my co writers, giving them teasers…I love the comments, and it helps me further the stories.

  4. I definitely need a fresh set of eyes. I miss too many things. I count on my former classmates for that. But during the drafting phase, I don’t want anyone to read my WIP. I tried that before and had trouble finishing. Too many opinions were given!

    1. you know… I have only ever had one person actually give “opinions” most people just tell me what they feel they are missing out on. Like… what does the Mo Thuras look like inside? How does it work? Doesn’t she need a crew? Things of that nature…
      My family will just say… oh I liked it. **snorts** the worst thing a writer can here… but my writing friends are GREAT!!! They let me know what really works for them, the lines that make them laugh or cry or “feel”. They let me know what they want to know more about that maybe I haven’t thought of before.
      Without people looking at my rough draft as I go… I wouldn’t even manage to finish it! **grins** and this is an example of todays post and tomorrows!!! Different writers have a different “process”!!!
      And… I guess also is the fact, I never ask them for opinions… well if I am stuck of course I do. But I mostly ask them for what they want to know more about? What do they feel is missing?

  5. Outside perspective is definitely invaluable. I work well alone, but I end up so submersed in the details of my own work that I lose the ability to see it objectively. Oh well…that’s what beta readers are for 😉

    Congrats on breaking out of your rut and good luck with your ongoing progress!

    1. I don’t usually have the trouble of getting too into it, but I don’t “learn” more of it without the other eyes.
      For sure that is what beta readers are for!

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