Left Me a poem

Feeling a lot like one of my all time favorite Disney movie quotes from Treasure Planet,


“Oh, a mind is a terrible thing to lose!”

I don’t have much for you today, but what I do have comes from the deepest parts of me. Here is a quick poem I am calling

Left Me
My creative thoughts have left me,
Sitting all alone.
Waiting for the words to come,
though they never will.
Lost in the quiet space,
emptiness of heart.
Muse, please come back to me,
don’t leave me all alone.
Give me the words to say,
to share them with the world.
I have a peaceful space,
Now fill my heart.

Now back to my regularly scheduled programing of working furiously on my Camp NaNo Piece, hopefully I can get back up to the word count I was hoping for. We shall see.

What about you? Feeling lost and alone, like your muse maybe ran off with cupid? Writing is the easy part, but finding the ideas that sing to my soul is harder. What do you do when you feel alone?


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