Lost Muse? Nope, My Fault!


We all have those times, times where we struggle to get the words out. Here I had been thinking it was my muse, but oh no, this time… this time it was all me. I had an idea, of the order in which I seen things happening in my story. I was struggling and struggling with this new character that came on the scene and low and behold what was wrong? I had introduced the wrong character! This whole time I thought the last character I would introduce would be Malikyi, but nope, I thought wrong.


Now if only my characters would have told me sooner, but you see, Malikyi is the strong, silent type, and he was just waiting for me to figure it out on my own. So, here it is a couple days later and a couple thousand words later, and I finally realize what is wrong! On the bright side, for the most part all I had to do was change names, for which I am eternally grateful! Let me tell you, it is crazy! Now all the reactions of the characters makes more sense. How I did not see this sooner I have no clue! Here I thought I didn’t stick to my outline, (not that I have much of one) that I got out of my characters way, and let them tell their own story. This is what happens when I don’t.

Have you ever found yourself following the idea in your head, while the characters were telling you no, no, no? What do you do when you are struggling, do you give the characters free reign to tell their story?


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