Today I am pouring my heart out on the page. Today is the first ever NaNoWriMo Writing Marathon. I am taking a short break to update my blog and encourage you to jump in! Grab your favorite beverage, pull up and chair and write with me.
If you find yourself so compelled head on over to NaNoThon to learn more. Also, the Office of Letters and Light are hosting fun live streams as the day goes on! So for a bit of fun check them out as well!
Now, back to my hard work, here is to hoping that my characters decide what is going on soon, so they can let me in on that information! I hope that your characters play nice with you today, and remember, every word counts!!! Happy Writing!

How about you? Are you busy with NaNoThon today? Have you enjoyed a bit of distraction and fun with their youtube streams?


2 thoughts on “NaNoThon”

    1. Sadly my word count too, is not where I would like… I am almost to the end of what I call my “outline draft” since I write without an outline. And for some reason my characters are not being very forthcoming on what is suppose to happen next!
      The youtube videos have sure been amusing though!

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