Weekly Inspiration: Unwritten

I have decided to change a few minor things about how I do my blog.  Namely, I am working towards a little more structure, so we will see how this goes.

A bit of Weekly Inspiration, this week comes from a song that can mean so many different things.

I give you Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield:


Lately I have been sharing how writing for me is a journey, I see in it the reflection of my life.  I once read somewhere, about how in order to write we have to live life.  I have found this to be remarkably true.  When I am not busy, I struggle the most to write, and yet… when life bombards me with more than I think I have the time for… that is when I am most inspired!  We are writing the story of our life in everything we do… only by moving forward will we see where this story will go!

Then there is the other way this song speaks to me… Our stories are unwritten… When we first get ready to start, there is something in that blank page staring at us.  It invokes things, from fear to great delight.  The start of a story is full of magic and delight.  When we let go of all that, let the words spill out of us, words only we know… then we see the beauty of the story unfold before our eyes.  It is a magical sight!


How about you?  What does this song say to you?  Do you find it inspiring?  Making you long to pour the words out of your soul, the words only you have? both in life and writing!


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