The Perfect Chair


It all started with a quest.  A quest for a perfect chair!  Now, mind you I have been spending my days typing away from one of those little fold up camp chairs, so anything could seem perfect after that!  But, I have since been questing for the perfect chair close to two years now and I think  I have gone and found it!  Isn’t she a beaut?!?

my new chair



I enlisted the help of my dad to find this chair.  He too has been on a similar mission, having gone through many chairs over the years.  I still don’t know that this one is it, but we both agreed, this had some mighty fine perks.

The back reclines, it has a nice free and easy rocker, of course it is one wheel and swivels all the way around.  Not only does the chair go up and down, but the arms on it do as well, so all around, there are very few complaints I would have made for it.

Now the real test comes about.  I have purchased this amazing chair… will it stand the test of use?!?  That is all I have left to answer.  On the bright side, my dad said if it wasn’t exactly what I wanted, if it doesn’t work out for me, he will buy it from me and go in search yet again for that elusive perfect office chair!



What about you?  What is your perfect office chair?  Do you have the best chair out there?  Are you stuck like I was in a camp chair, a folding chair or something equally horrifying?  Or are you too, still on that quest to find the perfect chair?


4 thoughts on “The Perfect Chair”

  1. Epic! It looks like one of the fancy office chairs they have at my workplace! I got a decent chair from Target a little while back, it swivels and stuff. Comfy, does the trick, but best of all, it makes me feel like a pro (whether or not it’s actually true). Congrats on your upgrade!

  2. I actually hate sitting in chairs. But maybe that means I haven’t found the perfect one yet! I find them super uncomfortable and much prefer to write on my laptop from the comfort of the couch or my bed. So I guess my favorite chair isn’t a chair at all. 😉

    1. I find them more comfortable for sitting, buuut, I end up really hurting from the position that puts me in to type, lol… I actually have found I love sitting on my exercise ball, and used to sit on that at my desk pretty exclusively, but I spend hours at my computer, sooo support is something I have found to be important, lol.
      And, a favorite place to sit, really wouldn’t have to be a chair! *grins*

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