Midweek Poetry Break: Writing Madness

In keeping with the structure I am changing and adding to my blog, here is this week’s Midweek Poetry Break:


Writing Madness

Writing is a madness
It overtakes the mind
Really a form of sickness
Never overcome by time.

Leaving me cold and clueless
I set aside my pen
the void a dawning darkness
Only to take it up again.

For the words once more overflow…
Filling the void, lighting the darkness…

Writing is something I do because I am overflowing with words.  This little poem happened quite by accident, as do many of my poems… A rush of words, and emptiness of feeling, only to feel full again!  I hope you enjoy.


2 thoughts on “Midweek Poetry Break: Writing Madness”

    1. your blog was inspiring to me, blogging has become this incredible thing of inspiration to me, which has affected my writing. The words of others, can be so helpful along this journey! To many think writing is a solitary thing, yet it is not… and it is truly meant to be shared! Glad that I could be a source of inspiration to you along your journey as well!

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