Making Connections

Just yesterday I made a life changing connection. When we think of connections we think of meeting new people, seeing old bonds, and learning associations. But really it is more than that, it is also a process of discovery, of ourselves and how we relate to those things, people and places outside of ourselves.

This connection I made because of a video I watched by Black Coffee Poet, after reading his blog post Never Give Up Writing. The part that really stood out to me is where he speaks about how Writing is Ceremony.

This was a life changing connection for me. Why? you may wonder. It is simple. I have always said and believed that Words ARE Power. Believed that we should always live what we believe, as we are an outward expression of that belief. But I had always felt that something was missing. That there was something more than words being power, and there was! The Power of words is just an outward expression of the Ceremony! A beautiful ceremony shared with us, given to us by the gift of creation that the Creator instilled in us all!

In the words of Black Coffee Poet “Don’t think about the end result. Enjoy the Journey! Live the process! Write your own Path!”

Take some time, look at his blog, his youtube videos!  Make your own connections!  Find your own inner writing ceremony!  Share the Inspiration with others in your journey, as I have done.


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