Weekly Inspiration: Interesting


Looking at the world around us in a different light is one of the biggest gift of writers!

I really love this picture because it helps remind me that it is all about outlook.  How we look at the world.  If we always remember to look at the world differently, then we can craft our stories to reflect the ideas we see to share them with those who are not as blessed as to see the world differently!


What about you?  What inspires you to look at the world around you a bit differently?  What do you see in your day to day that becomes something amazing and fun?  How do you share that in your writing?!?


5 thoughts on “Weekly Inspiration: Interesting”

  1. I love listening to witty banter and imaging a similar conversation in some extraordinary scene like among colleagues floating in zero G, or during a elven ceremony between two friends who should be paying attention.

    1. I love it! Taking those daily little side comments we all like to share, and adding it to a story at a most inappropriate time… *grins* yeah… sounds like something I would totally do in life, and that is what just really gives our stories that spin it needs! That little bit of extra life to our stories!

  2. Reading other blogs is what inspires me to look at the world differently. In the real world, it seems like everyone is so similar. When people write, I think they have a natural tendency to be open. If I meet someone in person that’s one of the first things I hope to see. Can they express themselves through some form of creative art?

    I always think creative people are among the most special.

    1. I tend to surround myself with creative sorts… But then I don’t really get into the 9-5 drive of the world.
      Expression is an art that is sadly lost to much of the world, and the inspiration of those who find it in themselves is an amazing and fun thing!

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