An Apostrophe!!!


Today I wasn’t feeling overly creative. All my major apostrophes were leaving me empty. (Anyone who has see Hook, knows all about apostrophes *grins*) Then it came to me, the perfect idea… delegating out the job. But that just wouldn’t be right! So, how about coercion? *grins* Making someone join me, with a glimpse of how we both see writing, and how different writers can be, and still yet so much alike!

Well since this takes more planning than just saying “hey, lets do a blog post together!” I am excited to say later this week I will have an amazing post from one of my personal writing partners in this journey of writerly insanity! Look forward to that coming up, maybe before that I will have to jump in with my own answer to a very basic writing question I left him with as my only “interview” question.

Hope this day finds you full of apostrophe’s of your very own! What is it you do when you just don’t feel that writerly inspiration striking you? When you just don’t “feel” like working on your goals? What do you do to motivate yourself and make it fun?


3 thoughts on “An Apostrophe!!!”

  1. Normally when I don’t feel inspiration I sulk and wonder when the hell I’m ever going to get any work done. I get inspired by music, because it sounds a lot like muse. And literature and movies often contribute to character ideas.

    1. I don’t usually have a lack of inspiration, more like a lack of motivation! I have so many ideas floating around my head, but sometimes… I just don’t feel like doing it! **grins** Us creative types… ahhh so finicky…
      Music can be incredibly inspiring! Movies have helped and books as well… although I find books more helpful while in the middle of writing, I am not sure why, but I seem to write clearer and stronger ideas if I have been reading.

      1. I get these brilliant flashes of ideas right after I watch movies or read. I think part of it is that I suddenly have the urge to write everything down and make as brilliant a piece of literature or film as they have, to show my work to the world!
        And then an hour later the apathy comes back and I end up blogging and completely forgetting about editing or writing anything until the very last minute.

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