On the road


So today’s post comes to you from on the road!  We can’t be writers if we don’t live and explore the world.  That is what I am off doing today.  (Well ok, I am shopping for shoes for my sisters wedding, but an adventure is an adventure.)

So what about you?  Do you find time in your busy life to head out and explore the world?  Do you enjoy writing on the go?


8 thoughts on “On the road”

  1. You have to get adventure where you can, it’s true! You know, I’ve never really tried writing “on the go” very much. Once I took a trip up to Duluth and wrote at the Amazing Grace café for a while, and that worked out nicely. But usually I kick back and enjoy the experience, let it percolate for future writing. Although maybe it’d be fun to combine adventure and writing a little bit more in the future!

  2. I can write anywhere: on the road, in the dark, or in a crowded airport terminal. Even at a concert… long story. Have fun shopping!

    1. Yeah, I can write pretty much anywhere as well!!! I have been particularly known for writing in the car, on the looong trips to and from Mayo Clinic and around the hospital grounds **grins** my wife would just laugh and say, I’m good, you just get that word count up before I get back. I was sooo thankful when she got me a tablet (the Transformer Prime) complete with its keyboard dock. I toss it in my knapsack and I am always ready to write!
      A concert… I can imagine the energy there would have to make for some intense writing **grins**

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