Midweek Poetry Break: Budding Frienship

Forming new friendships can be hard. But every once in awhile, we met someone. Someone who for some reason, manages to just be a person who we connect with. So in honor of a friendship of mine that is just beginning to bud:

Budding Friendship

Met in a moment, one stop in time
Shared an idea, writing so fine!
Gave of oneself, commonalities abound
shared who we were, so simple, yet profound.

Building a friendship, day by day!
Building up each other, helping along life’s way.

How do you express your friendships? Those people who matter to you, whether you have just met or been friends for years. Do you do little things to express that to them?


3 thoughts on “Midweek Poetry Break: Budding Frienship”

  1. Usually, I listen to them and help them celebrate the good times in their lives and figure out the bad times. And yes, forming new friendships can be hard. It’s funny, though, that it was so easy when I was younger (before high school).

    1. I have always found it hard… Mostly cause connecting to people isn’t always easy, or maybe it is more finding people with similar interests locally is hard. I connect and make friends easy when we share some common likes!

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