My Interview Question Answers

So tomorrow I have a guest post on my blog, and since it came about from an idea… I will get it rolling! *grins* The idea is simple really, it was to look at two writers views on writing and their processes. It was to show the difference in every writer, and to be a bit on the silly side. But as we both looked at the question, it became apparent that silly was not how we wanted to answer. So I will start with my answer, which is a bit shorter and less eloquent than his, which you will get to see tomorrow!



My answer to “How I View Writing” and a “glimpse” of my writing process.

I have always loved stories. More often than not lived in a land of make belief and fairy tale. I don’t think anyone has ever truly caught me without a book in hand. To this day that is true, and now with ebooks, I am never far from several as they are even on my phone!
I truly got my start with poetry. Pouring out my emotions to the ever forgiving page. But eventually a need in me grew. To craft such amazing stories as I read became a need in me. The need to share with the world a joy in the escape reading had given me.
In writing I have found almost a greater escape. There are worlds locked in my mind I could never have fathomed before I started the craft of writing. I meet my characters much as any reader would. They slip in and use me to tell their tales. I have no control of the stories they share, as they are unique to each character that tells them.
I guess therein lies my process. I meet the character and then hand over the reins so to speak. I let them tell their tale, I just give them voice.


What about you? What is your view of writing? If you were to show the world a glimpse of your writing process what would it entail?


5 thoughts on “My Interview Question Answers”

  1. I have a similar approach to writing as you! My parents raised me to be a reader by reading fairy tales to me before bedtime. Because of fairy tales, I became a rabid fan of fantasy. Love fantasy books! I started off writing science fiction stories (really bad ones), then switched to stories closer to fairy tales. I love a good book. I’m usually found with one too. As for my writing process, I try to get up and write something every day–a scene in my novel, a blog post–whatever. But I have been known to procrastinate sometimes with games like Pokemon and Bookworm.

    1. I too try to write every day. Even if it is as simple as a grocery list. Yeah I know that sounds silly, but… words are words are words, and it is amazing how inspiring that grocery list can be! I mean… what is on “your” main character’s grocery list? Have ya ever thought of that? It can tell a great deal about them. What would be their quick list at walmart? **grins**
      Yeah, I play cheesy facebook games, that is really the only reason I am on facebook, is to totally waste time!

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