Weekly Inspiration: Very Inspiring Blogger Award

I saved this post for today as it goes hand in hand for my start of the week theme of Inspiration.  I have to say, I like to think that I could inspire others in my own little way and so this award is a particular honor to me!


Much thanks goes out to Wordsmithing Ain’t Easy for nominating me for this award!  If you haven’t yet checked out her blog you really should!  She shares all kinds of book reviews, odds and ends of what is up and coming in the book world and her own dabblings in this journey we call writing!


Well, true to form we all know I wont follow the rules of a “bunch of work” but I truly love the spirit of sharing other bloggers, so here are some who inspire me!


I can’t post about anyone who inspires me more without mentioning Dreamland’s Insurgents.  Not only is he a great writing companion, he always inspires me to think and often look at something just a little differently!

A Writer’s Touch hits my list, because of the very thoughtful posts.  She has inspired me to “dig a little deeper” on my own blog.

Amber Skye Forbes for the personal way she approaches her writing and the thought and consideration she puts into her responses!

Black Coffee Poet who has totally changed and shaped how I look at writing and for which I am eternally grateful!

Book Reviews & Poetry which has some amazingly inspiring poetry!

Creative Mysteries for an open and honest approach that always gets me thinking.

Maggie Madly Writing whose blog I come back to day after day!

Saphir Drachen’s Writer’s Blog is another that I come back to day after day, enjoying the humor!


I am sure there are many more out there, and many more to come who will inspire me in this writing journey!  I can’t thank my readers enough!  So I hope that you find these blogs as wonderful as I have.  What are some of your favorite blogs on the interwebs?  I would love to read them for myself… please share them!  Who has inspired you the most on your blogging journey?


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