A Big Thank You



So, today I want to take a moment to thank you, my readers.  When I created this blog it was with the intentions of sharing some of my writing, and my views on writing.  I have come a long way from that start, changing my views on this little place on the interwebs that is mine.  I started sharing more of who I am and my personal journey with writing.



All of this because of you, my readers!  As of today I am officially over 100 followers, and I have only you to thank.  Thank you for the follows, the awards, the thoughts, the comments and taking a bit of time out of your day to check in to my blog!



Here is to the future!  To inspiring others, sharing in the dream and the journey!  May you all find a little bit of inspiration here and share it with someone else!


11 thoughts on “A Big Thank You”

    1. according to my stats. I dont know how it figures the 400, but I do know that it doesn’t count the email only subscribers, and I’m not sure how to figure that.

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