A Great Explanation: Show vs Tell

I have a busy week ahead of me, but I wanted to share this great post I found that talks about show vs tell!  As a writer we hear that alot, probably even say it ourselves, but how do we explain that?  How do we share that with others?  Writers In the Storm have Margie Lawson there sharing that.  It is amazing.

It boils down to paying attention to the words you put around your characters actions.  The words you use to describe the action itself.  By using power words, visuals and things that can make you “feel” the action, you will be showing.  Any time the action feels flat, like you are just hearing about it, or just know it was done that would be telling.


I took much from that short article and I hope it helps you as well!  What did it teach you?  Did you better understand show vs tell?  How do you see them now?  Happy writing!


Weekly Inspiration: Zach Sobiech

I know many of seen this… but this young man is beyond inspiring and I couldn’t not share his tale!  It reminds me so much of B and the way she choose to live her life and deal with her cancer.


There just are no words for the incredible person this young man was.  I hope he was able to inspire you to live… Life is short and precious.  This week is the five month anniversary to my wifes death.  People like them can inspire us to live!

Weekly Goals & Achievements: Pullin’ Through

It was an amazingly busy week and flew by faster than I even knew it!  It seems I don’t even know where the week went, but on the bright side I have great things to report.


  • Daily Blog Posts (with ideas to spare!)
  • Finished two Reviews for my ARCs and books “won”!!!
  • Figured out the end of Mo Thuras, and have some rough ideas sketched in.  It is not all in story format which I prefer, but I have something to work with now!

Unsuccessful Attempts:

  • I did not finish Mo Thuras as a “draft/outline” but I am really at a point where I could work with it.  So I am not sure I truly count that as a failed attempt.
  • I am golden, I really pulled through on my goals this week!!!


  • Weekly Goal postings
    • Weekly Inspiration
    • Midweek Poetry Break
    • Letters of Questioning Collaberation
    • Goals & Achievements
    • Miscellaneous on the road postings – busy week ahead…
  • Finish up Mo Thuras (at least tidy in the last of my note ideas) – put away to rest at least a week!
  • Read & Review another ARC (hopefully I will have time for this one this week…)


Not a whole lot planned for my weekly goals as I have other things going on.  I am actually even hoping to get my postings done this weekend, as I have a ton of “real life” coming up this week.  Travel planned later in the week, and this long three day weekend, I needs must head out to the farm, we are setting up the area where we are putting B’s memorial stone, and hopefully planning where we are planting the tree for the 6 month anniversary Tree Planting Ceremony I am working out (that is next month already!)


How are you goals working out?  Are you sticking to them? Do you feel you are being successful even when you may not have fully achieved the goal set?   Do you feel, like I do sometimes, that you are trying to achieve too much?


Letters of Questioning: Flying a New Flag


Sailing these waters may be mighty dangerous, after last week’s look at plotting and how we get there, we have sailed on to murkier waters yet.  Taking a closer look at the Writer’s Role…  and without further adieu, here is the latest installment:


Dearest Dreamland’s Insurgents,

Of course the journey is never ending. There are of course periods of rest, reflection and learning, but then you move on and make changes. Don’t you know by now I am all about change?!? I thought my name said it all! Not to mention, what about you? Aren’t you all about upsetting status quo? Your name, like mine suggests stepping out of the norm. Not getting boxed in. Becoming a bit of a rebel!
Besides, is it not our job as writers to enlighten the world? As a writer we shape worlds. We affect the minds of others… even in something as simple as a fiction novel that is read for enjoyment. Honestly I think especially in fiction.
I was imminently inspired when I read The Writer’s Role in Society. It is suggested that writers are teachers, they have lessons to share and craft an entire work of art to do so. That writers offer something unique to them, something no one else can. The recreation of worlds.
I think that might just be the tip of the iceberg though! More than just lessons to share, we writers start new ideas. Inspire thoughts, and those cognitive responses move into actions. Like our very thoughts on a new idea in writing being that there are more than just plotters and pantsers, there two could be something new, revolutionary as evolutionists! Those who build upon what has come before!
So, my friend, I entreat you, what do you see when you look at the Writer’s role in society? Teacher, companion, friend, lover, anarchist, rebel… so much more, or maybe less?!? Or is it just a story shared? Are writer’s the rebels that can not be quelled? What say you?

Proudly flying my new pirate flag,


Dreamland’s reply:

Ahoy, Random,
Why, I would never dream of upsetting the status quo – why? Who have you been talking to? How much do they know?! *ahem* sorry… anyway….
If by “enlighten,” you mean “set fire,” then yes, I’m all for “enlightening” the world. (I kid, I kid … mostly.) The question of the writer’s position isn’t easy to answer, which is why I also enjoyed the Nicholas Conley’s post The Writer’s Role in Society. He emphasizes that writers are teachers, yet, but another line that spoke to me was this passage:

“The different fiction genres each demonstrate a unique facet of the writer’s society. A horror writer will memorialize the discomforts of his era. A science fiction writer will demonstrate that era’s views on technology. A literary writer, of course, will display what everyday life was really like.

By writing a novel, the writer acts to keep his/her era alive for future generations, so that our children and grandchildren can understand who we really were, and what we stood for.”

Archivist, teacher – and, arguably, mirror. No matter how revolutionary or original we fancy ourselves, we’re also the products of our environment, somehow. So maybe one of the tricks is to show what is familiar in a startling way, or make the unfamiliar accessible?
Lots of writers have been agents of change, for good or bad. We have to have some awareness but we also have to build and burn, or, as one of my favorite bloggers phrases it, “sort, sever, detangle, grasp.”
So my question for you is, what do we do now? As agents of change, as writers, as people comfortable with assuming roles as necessary, fighting where we stand, agitating for change… What do we target? What forms of rebellion do we take and tell? Where exactly should our stories go? Where are we needed most and what for and why?

All dressed up with nowhere to sail,
dreamland’s insurgents

Be sure to check out Nicholas Conley’s Writings, Readings and Coffee Addictions, he has some good stuff over there!



So… what is your figuring?  Do you have something to add to our letter?  Have either of us missed something?  What are your thoughts on a writer’s role in society?

Do you have some ideas that you would like to see discussed?  Feel free to drop them here as well!

WIP Update 4-2: So close I can taste it

So, I am so close to finishing Mo Thuras I can taste it.  I want to say the Outline/draft is finished, but that would be “cheating” even for me. *grins* So in the meantime I read a fun idea over on Legends of Windemere, and thought I would enjoy something similar.  So, here is another sneak peak inside the workings of Mo Thuras.  Enjoy.

600_fantasy-woman-017Melody’s Top Five Countdown

  1. To find out her past
  2. To figure out who she is
  3. Exploring the galaxy
  4. Create her own family
  5. Learn her culture

Kyi’s Top Five

  1. To be free
  2. Find his heartmate
  3. To live  happily
  4. Make a new home
  5. Find a place he belongs

To have a sneak peak into some more of my inspiration for my story, here is the current pinterest board I am using! That gets updated as I find different ideas fitting for my story.



What about you? What do you use as you write to “see” your characters/places/things? Do you utilize Pinterest in your writing? Do you print and create a “storyboard”? What motivates your characters most?

Many Ideas; No Inspiration

fractal flame enchasketch

A Fractal

* picture curtesy of somewhere on the interwebs

Today I have had many ideas on what to post…  Talking about the Flash Fiction course I started last week.  Or maybe what motivation; as I seem to be lacking.  I have thought to run my errands, and then blog about it in my main characters “voice”.  Then there is all those books I love to read, that have inspired and encouraged me to write my own books.  And yet… here I sit.  None of them feel right today!

So I have decided that is exactly the right thing to write about.  When you have plenty of ideas, but none of them “feel” like the one to actually write about!  It isn’t that I have “too many” ideas, and I can’t pick one, it is just that none of them seem like what I feel to write about today.

I am not one to write about current events, but storms have ripped across the US, thankfully none severe here.  This causes me to reflect.  I have been in more than my fair share of tornadoes, some pretty bad ones.  I feel for those who are going through this time of terror, it makes my own storm issues seem so petty.  You see, having been in a trailer house, having a tree come through above me and then later watching, from my living room the massive tornado that tore through Wadena, Minnesota I have a, let’s just say “healthy respect” for storms of any sort.  (Meaning I have spent the past three days in various states of panic)  So… I feel for those who have been in the path of this storm, my thoughts are with them today.



What about you?  Have you ever had plenty ideas of what to write, but none of them “felt” right?  What about the massive storms?  Have you been in their path?  Are your thoughts, like my mine, lost somewhere with them?

Goodbye Sookie ~ A Book Review: Dead Ever After

Well, this is it. I had been waiting months for this book. Book number 13, the last Sookie Stackhouse book, Dead Ever After by Charlaine Harris. Now it was with some trepidation that I started this novel, there had been a leak of knowledge and I had heard through the grapevine that the end would make me horribly upset! Not one to ever believe others without first seeing for myself I set to reading… I was pleasantly surprised, as I personally loved it! Now for my review…

I could not believe it when Arlene waltzed back on the scene with a few of our other “old friends” (read enemies, lol) and to ask for her old job?!? I mean really. I do have to say I really loved this book! With all the hoopla, I was a bit worried. There were just so many great things about this book! It wrapped up the end of a long run series in one of the best ways I have ever seen! I was so very excited by it. Then… the last line of the whole thing! Epic! Honestly I don’t think the end could have been any better.
That is not to say there weren’t parts I didn’t like, but… isn’t that true of every story we read? In the beginning I didn’t feel like it was the same as her other books in the series, (I reread the series each time a book comes out, although this time I didn’t read the whole series, I was too anxious to read the new one.) and the POV changing and her jumping back and forth, it almost felt, to me, that she ‘didn’t know if it was right’ I don’t really know how else to explain it. I also felt that there were things she didn’t tie up, things that she “introduced” in this book, along with a general feeling of differentness from her usual writing.
I did very much like where she took it though. The journey we took with Sookie had its ups and downs, there were of course the books we loved more than others, just like there were moments in them we will always “treasure”. I just really feel in all the series I have read, this one ended the most beautifully, most perfectly. And really… I have to reiterate, that last line! Yup, I loved it!

I could go on about all the drama that has hit the paranormal readerly world, but… I don’t think I want to… I don’t think it is worth “venting” about. It is a writer’s prerogative to write the story the characters give them in their own way! So, I am just leaving it with my short and sweet review.


Have you read the Sookie Stackhouse books? Please, share your thoughts and opinions! (I only ask, please, no author bashing on my page, your comments will not be approved/deleted.)