Midweek Poetry Break: Grief

Today’s poetry break is inspired by the loss of my wife and a picture poem I found on Facebook.


Such a simple little word.
The actions it creates are not as simple.
Such an experience,
But not something we would choose.
Trials & Tribulations,
That is what they are,
Deep & Moving,
Experiences they create.
I will feel Grief and Loss,
Every day of my life,
But I will move on,
Find a way to Live!
a title received,
But I am more than that!
Belief in the good,
I will seek this out as you would have!


8 thoughts on “Midweek Poetry Break: Grief”

  1. Particularly enjoy how you mention that “widow” is now your title. Even though you mention that you’re more than that, it’s interesting how you eventually become defined through a significant loss.

    I’m not just Sunny anymore; I’m “Sunny-oh-hey-by-the-way-did-you-know-her-mom-died”. Grief defines you, even if you don’t consciously cause that to happen.


    1. There is a definite definition that comes with loss. There is even a stigma if you will… I lost my wife, and yeah I miss her, but that does not mean I died! Why is it, when you lose someone if you find some happiness, if you continue to live you are bad? Yup, grief is an interesting thing and the different ways people deal with it are just as fascinating if you ask me. (That is not to say it is something I enjoy… who wants to grieve? But at the same time it is a life experience that I wouldn’t just toss away either!)
      How others treat us in relation to loss is something I watch every day! Or to those dealing with terminal illness… being a writer I watch people, sometimes I think that is bad for me **grins**

      1. You have such a good attitude! I go through phases where I have one, then I don’t…which I’ve just come to accept as my “normal” for grief (not fun, but it is what it is).

        I actually am happy that I’m not the only one who takes a closer look at how I’m treated in relation to my loss. Obviously, I don’t go around talking about it constantly (I don’t like to spread pain or be a downer) but yeah, I do like to see how knowledge of the loss affects my interactions with others.


      2. My wife was the inspiring type! I can’t face her death with any less courage than she showed in life. (And, well I am used to dead it has been a part of my life many times) I have my bad days, but usually I just go about my life.
        Yeah I totally watch people! People… how they relate to me, how they relate to others, how they relate to the world is a really fascinating thing to me.
        People really do strange things when they learn about different things. Being in my early thirties, young people treat terminal illness, (cancer) and death as this contagious thing… it has been interesting seeing how people respond to us, and now me through this journey.

  2. I like how even through the deep pain, your optimism shines through. “But I am more than that!” – and there isn’t even a question about it, in my mind!

    1. Thank you. I like to always try for my ideal… sometimes it is harder than I think, but I do try. Your support has been wonderful! My friends help me be more than I was!

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