Letters of Questioning: A Teaser

So… an idea was born! I have to say, working on a collaborative project really just intrigued me. And since I have such a wonderful writing partner I have managed to talk him into something GRAND!!! Starting tomorrow we will be working on a deep and philosophical endeavor! Every Friday from now on I will be corresponding with Dreamland’s Insurgents. We will hyperlink our responses back and forth, so please remember if you enjoy the letters on one end, go and check out their response!

Please stay tuned to learn more, but I will say… it is going to be incredibly great! (if I do say so myself)


9 thoughts on “Letters of Questioning: A Teaser”

    1. I am most excited! Our regular writing discussion and Camp NaNo inspired the idea, and I just can’t wait to see what comes of it! Hopefully it will also inspire some great conversations!

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