Letters of Questioning: An Idea Formed



A thought was had, an idea formed, here is the results, for all to share!

Dreamland’s Insurgents,
It is with great joy I pen this letter to you! I propose that we embark on a journey. A forming of a treatise if you will, on the concepts that plague us in the depth of our writing journeys thus far in life. I know, dear friend, that you may wonder on why I bring this quest to you, but think on it… the value and meaning in the words we could create here! The world and the importance of our words and its impact.
We are intellectual beings on this writing journey. We see the world around us with our mind, and express that best with our words… with philosophy and thought. So I put it before you and ask what would you see in an endeavor like this? What would you choose to get out of the sharing of ideas? Journeying together to find the “real” meaning and ideas in this practice we call writing? What value and meaning would you find in a personal philosophical writing treatise?

Deeply Troubled, Lost to Concepts beyond all control,


You can find his response here:


Dear Random,
Let me remind you of the helpful words of England’s most renowned philosopher, Douglas Adams: “Don’t panic.” If the concepts “plague” you, you should probably have a nice cup of tea and relax. That’s like aiming for a nightmare when you just want a nap! But to answer your question – for me, no doubt, there’s the most value in the written word when it’s shared – why would anyone write without an intended audience? Even if it’s just a future self…. We’re social creatures! In writing no less, so of course why not collaborate? If for nothing else, than to soothe that occasional malaise of melancholy which meaning might stir in your heart. Your questions, of course, need to be answered – they are at the heart of the writing experience like a hidden fire…. When do you decide it is time to take a journey? Is it a call, an impulse – lightning hitting your brain?

Dancing around the chaos,
Dreamland’s Insurgents


Please share any thoughts, ideas or comments you have in response to our letters!  We greatly encourage participation!


11 thoughts on “Letters of Questioning: An Idea Formed”

  1. These letters are such a cool idea! Could I make a suggestion to provide a link to Dreamland’s Insurgents’ response just below your signature? I know it’s linked in the letter’s address, but that might not be immediately obvious to some, especially any new readers going forward. Just a thought 🙂

    1. Sure! We just wanted it to be like… a conversation via letter format without the extras, in the future we are also planning to link in blogs that we are inspired to add to our conversations from! Glad you enjoy the idea!

  2. I totally screwed up and left questions off the end when I posted originally, it’s been edited. Still trying to work the kinks out of this format – I don’t think blogs were designed with this level of collaboration in mind 😉

    1. **grins** I am sure it is going to take us a little practice to get it down! I am sure it wont take long and we will have all the kinks worked out!
      You are prolly right, blogs prolly were not designed with collaboration in mind, but we are PROS and can make anything work!

  3. Love this correspondence!!! Keep going!!! As someone who loves epistolary novels (and you guys should write one), I’m digging this.

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