Midweek Poetry Break: Fear Giving Rise

My poem this week was inspired a bit by my weekly inspiration post and the conversations that have followed.

Fear Giving Rise

By:  Random (aka WhiteRaven or WhiteRavenSoars)

Fear Giving Rise

What of you?  When fear hits what do you instantly think on?  Are you the type who overcomes or are you the kind that hides?  What brings out your courage?


4 thoughts on “Midweek Poetry Break: Fear Giving Rise”

    1. Thanks… **grins** when it comes to poetry, well I have really just started creating my own thing… and after I finished the one… it was just natural to write the other, so I went with it.

  1. Nice work! I like it.

    How do I handle fear? Not to preach, but I pray and turn the fear and worry over to God, then have a conversation with my wonderful husband (and usually get a big hug 🙂 ).

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