Road to Inspiration

Today I am out an about living life once more.  Todays journey brings me to the Mayo Clinic, and since I have spent so much time here over the past six years I thought I would share with you one of my favorite pieces of art.  Many people don’t know that Mayo has some of the best art around, so here is my favorite piece.


Have you ever experienced Mayo?  If so let me know what your favorite piece is…


7 thoughts on “Road to Inspiration”

  1. That’s really some beautiful art. I hope to take a tour of Mayo someday (for non-medical reasons, of course)!

    1. It is a really great place! I would LOVE to take you on a tour!!! But, I know that everyone thinks they need to give my wife a run for her money and all that, but… no… really… ya don’t need to *grins*

    1. There are so many other pieces that I love, but that one is my personal favorite. I was going to try to get a pic of the really great bible too, but I didn’t get over to Charlton yet.

  2. I haven’t been, but some of my friends had to visit for medical reasons. If that’s your reason for visiting, you’re in my thoughts.

    1. My step dad has a lymphoma, similar to my wife and has to have a stem cell transplant, which I also did with my wife. So I helped them “learn the ropes” and where the good stuff is… thanks for your thoughts.

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