Weekly Inspiration: Neil Gaiman

I don’t know about you… but one of my favorite authors, one who really touches me and inspires me as an individual is Neil Gaiman.  I think because to me, he is real.  So many of the writers we know and love… they are “out of reach” whereas, he doesn’t seem to be.  He ‘gets involved’.   So today I want to share with you a video, one where he is talking to a graduating class.  It is a little longer than my usual, but I hope you enjoy!


So?  What did you think?  Did his words inspire you?  What touched your heart and mind this week?  If you were to share something most inspiring to you, what would it be?


12 thoughts on “Weekly Inspiration: Neil Gaiman”

  1. I listened to the whole thing, because well, who DOESN’T love Neil Gaiman?? Okay, I know there are probably some who don’t. He’s such a fine, poised speaker. He came to an event planned by the indie bookstore closest to me. The event had to be held at a college auditorium, since over one thousand people were there. Anyway, I loved his commencement address. I took away these sound bites: “I had no idea what I was doing” (or words to that effect); “Make good art”; “Make your art”; “Enjoy the ride.”

    Like Neil, I wanted to write comics, books, etc. I also wanted to write made-up stories. Also like Neil I never have the notion that I know what I’m doing. But I resonate with his advice. I’m working on “enjoy the ride.” I’m a freelancer. I have projects with deadlines and I worry about meeting those deadlines or how the projects will be received. So, I definitely need to take his advice about enjoying the ride and making good art.

    As a ghostwriter (one of my projects), I worry about how to make the project my own, since my name will never appear on it. But I still need to make good art as Neil suggeste though I won’t get the credit for it.

    Oh dear. This answer is pretty long. Better stop now.

    1. I agree, who doesn’t like him?!?!? And he is a marvelous speaker who I love listening too. If you haven’t you should listen to one of his books read by him! What a great experience.

      I also resonated with him so well, I believe in living life! I don’t do things “for the money” ect… I do it because I love it!

      I do have to say, I don’t really care what other people think of what I do though, not sure why. Once upon a time I did, but I have learned to let that go…

      And long? I don’t mind *grins* Share away!!!

      1. He read from several works when he came to my area for a book signing. He’s marvelous. I’ve read many of his books–not all, but many. I love his graphic novels–The Eternals, Marvel 1602. I only read one of the Sandman graphics–Preludes and Nocturnes. I’d like to read the rest. As for his novels, well, I have quite a collection of those. 🙂

      2. I sadly cannot read graphic novels… I have tried, but I just can’t ‘read’ pictures… and that is a requirement for reading graphic novels sadly. I can translate Olde English faster than most can read it, but I can’t read pictures, **smiles** words are my skill

      3. oh I forgot to mention, I actually have a great idea for a graphic novel (well… more of a photonovel) where I am going to do photos with the story, similar to graphic novel style… who knows how well it will work, but I want to try

  2. This is great. Thanks for sharing. I have tweeted this, too. Let’s hope people actually read my tweets and click on the link and be inspired as I was. 🙂

    1. yeah that whole twitter thing, I am still trying to figure it out **grins** but I have started tweeting things… I love the tools that allow us to share the things that inspire us with others!!!

    1. then I am most happy you have found it! He really inspired me too!!! As a writer, I think he is one of the most inspiring, and also one of the “most real” authors. He is active in a way some of the others are not…

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