Midweek Poetry Break: A Challenge

A challenge was issued, that I write a poem that was simply frivolous… so here it is, in all its glory, please enjoy!


(*the image is courtesy of somewhere on the net…)


Well, what about you?  Do you ever write a poem just to be silly?  or like me, does your poetry seem to escape a bit darker than maybe you intend?


4 thoughts on “Midweek Poetry Break: A Challenge”

  1. I love nonsense rhymes! Where would we be without Shel Silverstein-like poems??? Very fun! And to answer you question, no, ma’am! I have to be dragged to poetry writing. I appreciate the efforts of others though. 🙂

    1. I used to write almost exclusively poetry, I didn’t think I could ever write a story… But for me, it really does tend to lean towards the darker side, it is how I get my emotions out… most of my poems I write really fast and I rarely edit them.
      I am not really into nonsense rhymes, lol.. but it was a fun challenge if nothing else *grins* of course Dreamland says… see told ya you could do it, lmao!!! ah well, I will get him back later I am sure *grins*
      Poetry is a beautiful thing, but I do love stories a bit more… and in some ways, while I really enjoy writing poems, and the brilliance of a short fast piece, I prefer writing my story as well, now.

      1. Do you read Shel Silverstein? Your poem reminds me of his style. Congrats though on accepting that challenge.

      2. No I haven’t, might have to look some up…

        **grins** I am pretty big on accepting challenges, it is how I grow. Not to mention, after Dreamland issued said challenge… well I just couldn’t let it sit there **grins**

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