Weekly Goals & Achievements: Pullin’ Through

It was an amazingly busy week and flew by faster than I even knew it!  It seems I don’t even know where the week went, but on the bright side I have great things to report.


  • Daily Blog Posts (with ideas to spare!)
  • Finished two Reviews for my ARCs and books “won”!!!
  • Figured out the end of Mo Thuras, and have some rough ideas sketched in.  It is not all in story format which I prefer, but I have something to work with now!

Unsuccessful Attempts:

  • I did not finish Mo Thuras as a “draft/outline” but I am really at a point where I could work with it.  So I am not sure I truly count that as a failed attempt.
  • I am golden, I really pulled through on my goals this week!!!


  • Weekly Goal postings
    • Weekly Inspiration
    • Midweek Poetry Break
    • Letters of Questioning Collaberation
    • Goals & Achievements
    • Miscellaneous on the road postings – busy week ahead…
  • Finish up Mo Thuras (at least tidy in the last of my note ideas) – put away to rest at least a week!
  • Read & Review another ARC (hopefully I will have time for this one this week…)


Not a whole lot planned for my weekly goals as I have other things going on.  I am actually even hoping to get my postings done this weekend, as I have a ton of “real life” coming up this week.  Travel planned later in the week, and this long three day weekend, I needs must head out to the farm, we are setting up the area where we are putting B’s memorial stone, and hopefully planning where we are planting the tree for the 6 month anniversary Tree Planting Ceremony I am working out (that is next month already!)


How are you goals working out?  Are you sticking to them? Do you feel you are being successful even when you may not have fully achieved the goal set?   Do you feel, like I do sometimes, that you are trying to achieve too much?



11 thoughts on “Weekly Goals & Achievements: Pullin’ Through”

  1. Yay! Looks like you got a lot accomplished. For the most part, I’m sticking to my goals. It helps to remember that even if you don’t meet your word count (or page count or whatever) that there are people who never get their ideas down on paper at all.

    1. Yes this week was a success all in all.
      Sticking to goals, successful or not is the way to get them done! And I think it is a marvelous thing to remember… that some never get their ideas down at all!

  2. Sounds like you’re getting a lot done. 🙂 If I thought I could make a list of goals and follow through with it, I might try it. As it is, I just keep sorta-vague goals in my head so as not to discourage myself. 🙂 The only goals I write down are the long-term goals, (such as becoming published within the next year).

    1. I never used to really get them done, but… I am finding having them on my blog is really making a difference. I feel “accountable” in some small form. People know if I am not successful! Makes me really want to be successful

  3. Congrats on your accomplishments. Glad you’re holding yourself accountable. I have a lot to plow through this week, with my Friday mini-deadline (final deadline is November 1). I also need to continue the reading for a book chapter I’m writing on the female hero. That deadline is in August.

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