Weekly Inspiration: Zach Sobiech

I know many of seen this… but this young man is beyond inspiring and I couldn’t not share his tale!  It reminds me so much of B and the way she choose to live her life and deal with her cancer.


There just are no words for the incredible person this young man was.  I hope he was able to inspire you to live… Life is short and precious.  This week is the five month anniversary to my wifes death.  People like them can inspire us to live!


4 thoughts on “Weekly Inspiration: Zach Sobiech”

  1. Well, this is my second time of trying to leave a comment! Grrrr.
    I’m so sorry for your loss. Cancer is horrible. My parents had it. My sister-in-law had it.
    Thanks for posting this video. I watched the whole thing. It made me cry. What a smile Zach had, and what zest. I admire his family for cataloguing these precious moments with him. He lived more in the last months of his life than some people live in 50 or 60 years. He makes me want to be a better person.

    1. That is exactly how my wife lived every day! His video really inspired me too! It also made me cry. His smile though, Cancer when you are young, it really teaches you to live. That life is precious and short.

  2. I’m so sorry for you loss.

    This is truly an inspiring film. If we could all strive to and get the most out of live it would be wonderful. It shouldn’t take facing death to make us live.

    1. No it really shouldn’t, but it most often does. Even inspiring people like him and my wife… young people who truly live each day and live it with courage! You can’t help but try to emulate that, if even a little…

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