Everyone likes to be recognized for their achievements, and so I have to thank all my followers!!!  There is nothing more wonderful than to come to my blog and find I have over 200 followers!!!  I enjoy reading your comments, and seeing what it is you like, and reading your blogs, it is in the forming of communities we can grow and become more than we were.



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Midweek Poetry Break: Memories

So I had this all ready to post last week, but life rather got in my way.  I also took that time for a much needed break.  Feeling much refreshed I am going to try to get back in the swing of things.

Last week was the five month mark of the loss of my wife, so I thought I would share a poem and picture that I photoshopped.  It was one of the first one’s I tried to photoshop without her, I used our engagement picture as it is one of my personal favorites.