Up and Coming

I am currently working on several posts for my blog, but as my thoughts seem to be scattered on the breeze it is not coming easy.  Also, NaNoWriMo is fast approaching and I am working at settling on an idea and getting some outlines fleshed out for that as well.  As ML again this year I need to work hard to make the goal of 50k, something that has never been a problem for me in the past, but lately, the wind is too busy scattering my thoughts.

I have the ideas, just lack the ability to make sense of the words I am getting on the paper, so please bare with me as I work on multiple projects at once.  Also, since I am missing my usual writing partners it seems the drive to write has also gone on hiatus… *grins* no worries, I am sure that will come back in full force soon.


What of you?  Anyone else gearing up for NaNo?  Do you try to plan out some base ideas to help keep the ball rolling?  And do you ever feel like the words are there, you just can’t make sense of them?

Please, as always share your thoughts!  Also as a side note, if anyone is looking for writing partners, I am always looking for more like minded individuals for the online writing group, more on that in a future posting.


Inspiration: Picture ‘N Poem

Reflection ~ Lunasa Photography

On The Water

The last light of day,
the first rays of dawn,
show the rivers of flame
dancing on the waters!
Tempting you deeper,
Look inside
bathe your soul and heart,
find your desire!
Fulfilled by a promise,
the elements merge
Guiding you onward,
cleansing your spirit!
By: White Raven, 9.23.2013

A special thank you to Lunasa Photography for the use of her inspiring image!  Please, take a moment to click the photo and check out many other wonderful works by Lunasa Photography!

Share your thoughts and feelings inspired by this beautiful image, or even the poem.  Or better yet, share a bit of writing of your own inspired by the picture!

More Definitions

So, I have come to realize in exploring the definitions of words and my inner interpretations I started with the wrong words, or at least skipped two very important ones! So with that, I am going to take a look at the two most important words, when looking at all others: Definition and Interpretation.

Definition literally means:


This is a word I have never really thought of before. Never really thought about the distinct meaning and what it is to me. But when looking at it, well, I think of it as how we explain words on a broader scale. So that we as people can speak the same language and have a basis of what we mean. It is what gives tangibility to the words we use.

To me though, words can not be defined without some Interpretation, so here is a look at that word as well.

The dictionary tells us that Interpretation means:

To me, interpretation is how an individual defines a word. It is how we as individuals see everything around us. Through the lens that is our view of the world. Every word, everything we see, everything we think and feel, it is all touched by interpretation. From ourself, others, everything around us. In some ways interpretation is a form of judgement.

Through the use of these two words, one really starts to realize how each and every one of us speaks our own language. There is common factors that help us to understand one another, and by being aware of our own definitions, our own interpretations I think it can help us grow as people and is something especially important for writers to look at. So I encourage you, if you have not before looked at the words you use, the world around you and how you view it, take a moment… what do the words mean to you?!?

As always I look forward to hearing from you all! Please share, your thoughts, your definitions for the words we use!

The Texture of Hope

Lately I have really been delving deeply into what words mean to me. Looking at my inner self and seeing what it is that moves me, drives me forward. Well, today while surfing the web I stumbled upon this writing prompt and I loved the idea and thought to share with you my answer. The prompt was this: What is the texture of Hope? I now have a passion and want to explore some of the words I have already very recently looked at, and keep up with my inner explorations. In the meantime, here is my answer:

from somewhere on the interwebs

Hope holds a texture all its own. It is the texture of the softest blanket and the roughest sandpaper. Soft because hope gives so much to the heart and mind. It creates the idea of so much more. Rough because, the road following hope is often filled with bumps. You fall, you get drug along the way, and yet with hope you keep moving forward.
Hope, to me, is about achieving the end goal. It is about the possibilities that live in every experience, every idea and every dream. The dictionary tells us that hope is: a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen. But it is really so much more than that. It is a belief, a belief that things really can be more than they seem. That no matter the odds dreams, ideas, goals, that they can still be achieved.


What about you? What texture does hope hold for you? What does the word symbolize and mean when you think about it, feel it, and experience it? I would love to hear about it!

A Look at Some Vocabulary

I have been struggling lately to really be able to write. I have taken some time for introspection and while doing so have really focused on my dreams and goals in life. With that in mind I thought it a perfect thing to post about.
So today I am going to focus on some meanings of a few words that everyone looks at a little differently, feels a little differently about, and yet everyone uses.

First lets start with Inspire.
The dictionary tells us that Inspire is:


When I hear the word Inspire, or find something inspiring it is more than that. It encompasses an emotion that floods through me. To me, it is more of an emotion itself! I often share things on my blog that I find inspiring in the hopes that others can be flooded with this feeling…

Now let us turn our minds to Encourage. A word that could be considered very similar to Inspire.
The dictionary shares the word Encourage to be:


To Encourage is such a selfless act in my mind. It is to help another reach towards something that they desire in some manner or another. I would like to think that I encourage others from time to time with my perseverance.

Lastly I am looking at the word Goals. Now I am not talking about something you shoot for in Soccer, no I mean what we work towards in our lives.
The dictionary sums this one up pretty good:


Goals, something we work towards. Struggling ever onward. Sometimes we give them up only to find new ones. (Hmm, that may become a new post in and of itself…) I find goals goes hand in hand with dreams. They are not the same mind you, but yet they can be exchanged for one another. Dreams can become and be goals, but goals can not be dreams as they are more tangible, something we are actually moving towards.


What about you?  Have you ever taken a closer look at these words?  What they really mean to you as an individual?  Take a moment and share with me, I would love to hear what they say to you!

Renewing Yet Again: Achieving Goals

It seems to me that life always has this way of taking over, or maybe I just let it, who really knows. What I do know is that all I can do is continue to try and in that vein I am back again, maybe? hopefully? something.
Dreams, goals, all those things we want to achieve, sometimes life knocks them back and that is what happened. I often talk of NaNoWriMo and Camp NaNo, well I participated in the last Camp NaNo, and I even achieved my goal word count, that I had to keep lowering, until I had it at its lowest. I was somewhat disappointed in myself. He I went from regularly getting at minimum 50k words a month to just barely scratching 10k!
I spent part of that looking at what it was. Was it the genre of the story I was trying to write, I shifted it, nope didn’t help. Was it that I didn’t feel the idea, well, I really love it and think it has potential, so no it couldn’t be that either… In the end, I think it boiled down to being burned out. From so much in my life, from writing all the time and really pushing (which is how I really feel one achieves their goals), and just trying too hard. The last piece I wrote before I was so proud of, felt it was my best ever piece of writing to date, I just couldn’t compare to it, so in the end, I stepped back. I let life happen for a little while, I recharged.
Let’s fast forward to now… Knowing the only way to achieve my goals is to fight for them, I am back, more refreshed (I hope, *grins*), and ready to take up the gauntlet once more.

All that said and out there, I have been trying something new. I have been playing a video game *gasp* I know, shocking for me too! The game is League of Legends, and to be honest I suck! But, it has been a fun new learning experience. In trying to get better a friend directed me to a really great youtuber, and one of his video’s really hit me. There is much encouragement to be had in this world, and no matter your dreams; to be a writer, a gamer, photographer, or whatever they are you can take something from those around you! So I will leave you with this wonderfully inspiring video, and I hope it gives you that little spark that it gave to me!