Renewing Yet Again: Achieving Goals

It seems to me that life always has this way of taking over, or maybe I just let it, who really knows. What I do know is that all I can do is continue to try and in that vein I am back again, maybe? hopefully? something.
Dreams, goals, all those things we want to achieve, sometimes life knocks them back and that is what happened. I often talk of NaNoWriMo and Camp NaNo, well I participated in the last Camp NaNo, and I even achieved my goal word count, that I had to keep lowering, until I had it at its lowest. I was somewhat disappointed in myself. He I went from regularly getting at minimum 50k words a month to just barely scratching 10k!
I spent part of that looking at what it was. Was it the genre of the story I was trying to write, I shifted it, nope didn’t help. Was it that I didn’t feel the idea, well, I really love it and think it has potential, so no it couldn’t be that either… In the end, I think it boiled down to being burned out. From so much in my life, from writing all the time and really pushing (which is how I really feel one achieves their goals), and just trying too hard. The last piece I wrote before I was so proud of, felt it was my best ever piece of writing to date, I just couldn’t compare to it, so in the end, I stepped back. I let life happen for a little while, I recharged.
Let’s fast forward to now… Knowing the only way to achieve my goals is to fight for them, I am back, more refreshed (I hope, *grins*), and ready to take up the gauntlet once more.

All that said and out there, I have been trying something new. I have been playing a video game *gasp* I know, shocking for me too! The game is League of Legends, and to be honest I suck! But, it has been a fun new learning experience. In trying to get better a friend directed me to a really great youtuber, and one of his video’s really hit me. There is much encouragement to be had in this world, and no matter your dreams; to be a writer, a gamer, photographer, or whatever they are you can take something from those around you! So I will leave you with this wonderfully inspiring video, and I hope it gives you that little spark that it gave to me!


4 thoughts on “Renewing Yet Again: Achieving Goals”

  1. Back in the saddle! Congratulations, it’s so good to see you bouncing back! You are so resilient it’s ridiculous and inspirational **hugs**

    1. Thanks!!! I always try to keep up the resilience… we need to make a pact! *grins* we both do so much better when we work together some… NaNo is fast approaching as well, I have to really get serious about prepping as I am ML again this year!!!

  2. Yay!!! So glad you’re back! I kept looking at your blog and dreamlandinsurgents’s over the summer. Hope you’re both back!

    1. I do believe that it will be a bit yet before dreamland insurgent’s is back due to him being in school. Seems to make one uber busy as I recall *grins* been wanting to go back myself.

      It is good to be back, I have not yet hit my post a day as before, but I am plugging away, still finding myself it seems. I hope that you enjoy!

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