Up and Coming

I am currently working on several posts for my blog, but as my thoughts seem to be scattered on the breeze it is not coming easy.  Also, NaNoWriMo is fast approaching and I am working at settling on an idea and getting some outlines fleshed out for that as well.  As ML again this year I need to work hard to make the goal of 50k, something that has never been a problem for me in the past, but lately, the wind is too busy scattering my thoughts.

I have the ideas, just lack the ability to make sense of the words I am getting on the paper, so please bare with me as I work on multiple projects at once.  Also, since I am missing my usual writing partners it seems the drive to write has also gone on hiatus… *grins* no worries, I am sure that will come back in full force soon.


What of you?  Anyone else gearing up for NaNo?  Do you try to plan out some base ideas to help keep the ball rolling?  And do you ever feel like the words are there, you just can’t make sense of them?

Please, as always share your thoughts!  Also as a side note, if anyone is looking for writing partners, I am always looking for more like minded individuals for the online writing group, more on that in a future posting.


11 thoughts on “Up and Coming”

  1. It’s that time of year already? I never take part in NANOWRIMO because I never stop writing. Even when the words don’t seem right I keep pushing through and go back later. Good luck! I hope you find your mojo. An online writing group… I had one that was live and in person but we could never coordinate schedules. I might be interested. What are the details?

    1. I always take part in NaNo, while I write every day, there is just such fun in knowing people all over are working towards a common goal. It makes me smile to be part of something where we are all, alone and yet together.
      The online group thus far has like… 3 people in it and is not real active, but we work together to encourage each other in our goals, maybe help with some critiquing, and all around just whatever it is that works best for us.
      It is in a forum at the moment, but I am looking to create a google hangout/page type thing as I think it would make it easier to communicate.

      1. I can understand that. NaNoWriMo means different things to different people.
        Your groups sounds as big as mine. I might not be able to contribute much but I would like to give it a shot if I am welcome.

      2. Of course you are! The forum is the only part up and running as of this moment, I am hoping today to get the other running, as I feel that will be a lot more beneficial, really it is trial and error and if you know of any who would be interested to join, I really want some people who are serious about writing. Also, if you have any ideas, we are all about collaborating and what works best. The forum is http://writingposse.boards.net/ let me know your chosen username once you sign in and I will approve you.

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