Words, Their Meanings and Influences

Recently in surfing through blogs I stumbled upon yet another idea that ties in with my definition and interpretation thoughts. There is yet another element to it all. It is those things that are completely unrelated that pop into our minds when we hear a word. Like those inkblot image tests. Words can evoke the same kind of response.
Now I am not saying that all words will do this to us, but I am finding more and more they do. We often like to use word trees to explore ideas, well this is similar to that. Think of it as a word tree. Take those words that mean something more to you than just their base definition and start thinking of the things that are unrelated, or maybe unrelated to others, of that word.

I will do this with Imagination. For me that word has more meaning than just the physical. The dictionary tells us that Imagination is:


To me Imagination is what gives us the creative process and ability to create in our minds. Now I will add the unrelated things that pop in my head when I hear or think of Imagination. Firstly I think of flying. I think because Imagination reminds me of Peter Pan. Now for how I think this affects my view of the word. To me, I think that it really makes me see imagination as flying high and giving the ability to create anything! It is freeing, in believing that anything is possible.


Now for your thoughts and opinions! Please share, what are some thoughts on words that you have completely unrelated words you associate with them? What are some words that you find you interpret differently than the definition?


4 thoughts on “Words, Their Meanings and Influences”

  1. When I think of creativity I think of sunlight. This is because I imagine my brain light up when I think of a creative idea. I interpret the word isolation differently than most people. To me, isolation does not mean being alone and antisocial. It means taking personal time to reflect on life experiences. I spend a lot of time isolated, but this doesn’t mean I avoid people. I just like taking time to myself to think and reflect. This is often misunderstood.

    Thanks for the great brain exercise. It really got me thinking this morning 🙂

    1. You are most welcome, I have been really thinking on this a lot lately.

      I actually think I agree with you only I would not choose the word isolated for that concept. I think isolated in my mind is about being cut off, set adrift. But I would say secluded or maybe even detach/disengaged. all words that people more often than not look as negative but ultimately I don’t tend to. But then I am a bit of a loner, I like to have my space, I like to think and reflect.

      Great food for thought!!! Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. When I wrote curriculum full time, the senior editor sometimes criticized the activities I wrote as “not fun enough.” So the word “fun” has a negative connotation for me. It is a subjective word that is difficult to measure. Since then, I’ve thought of a blank wall or canvas when I think of the word “fun,” rather than party streamers–the old way I used to view “fun.”

    1. you know… I think you are on to something there! I don’t always see “fun” the same as others either. Precisely because of that subjective, difficult to measure reason!
      Many people don’t find the same things to be fun as I. I like the concept of a blank wall or canvas imagery though, because in my mind that means it is open to interpretation, it is set to be decided by you!

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