Aftermath of NaNo & Upcoming holidays


I managed to fly through NaNoWriMo with plenty of words to spare, ending with a grand total of 51453 Words!  My story isn’t finished yet, which was my goal, but it is close… I have roughly eight scenes left and I will continue working on it until I am finished!

With NaNo finished I have taken up a new project.  I found my original poetry and the first story I ever wrote.  With them in hand I am hoping to create an ebook with some of my poetry to sell!  It is the start to becoming a published author!  We shall see what I have…

Also, it seems that Christmas is fast approaching, not sure why it seems there is less time this year, but it just feels that way.  As I am planning to make all my Christmas presents this year I really have to get a move on!!!  At least I have most of that figured out.  That just means I have to figure out how to juggle my time a little better so I can fit my blogging back in!

Stay tuned as I am sure I will hit the ground running once more!

What about everyone else?  Did you reach your NaNo goals?   How are your current WIP coming along?  Do you have special plans for Christmas?  Please share, as always I love to hear from you all!!!