Reflection, 2014 My Year!

It is the beginning of a new year, and I think it is common for people to look back and reflect. On the past year, their life and then to look forward, where this year is heading and where we want our lives to go. I will warn you, I might just get a little personal in this one *smiles* but it is all to looking forward. This is the beginning of what I am planning for a two day posting, just because I wanted to break things up a little.

To set you off, I have to of course look back. This time last year I thought that 2013 was going to be my year. My wife had recently died and I was free. Of the responsibilities of a 24/7 caregiver to a cancer patient, my relationship (not that it was bad mind you, but 5 years caring for another individual when you are in your mid twenties was not what I was planning for my life), of everything.

It was a fresh start so to speak. What I didn’t take into consideration, and I really should have, was how long it would take me to recover. Burnout is a serious thing for caregivers, especially for ones who have been doing it as long as I had. Not to mention, I lost my partner, my best friend. I had been mourning that loss before she died, and I was ready for it, that does not mean it just goes away. I didn’t think of any of these things.

All of that said, last year was not what I had planned. Not to say it didn’t have it’s moments, because it truly did. Last year I wrote one of the best pieces of my life! That story is well on its way to becoming my first novel, and I am still working on that! Not to mention, and this took some hard soul searching on my part, meeting a new partner.

I of course had turmoil over that as well. I was only six months from the loss of my wife, I knew I was still grieving. In my mind it wasn’t fair of me to pull someone else through that with me. Yeah, I know, not my decision to make, and of course I obviously saw the light as we are together now *grins*.

That all leads to now. My house, which in so many ways to me reflected my life, full of chaos, I am working on pulling together. A new year, a new relationship, working towards a fully clean house, overall a fresh start! Something I have needed for a long time. What all this means is I am looking at a new approach. I don’t make resolutions, I think they are silly. No one sticks to them, they fall to the wayside, but I like to make life goals and that is what I am doing. In my life, in my blog, creating and drafting a new me so to speak. This year, 2014, this year will be my year!

What about you? Do you take the new year to look at your life? Take stock in where you are and where you have been? Make goals or resolutions? Sharing is what helps us all stick to our goals, and I would love to hear yours!


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