Personal Goals for Me

With all that I posted about in yesterday’s post I wanted to follow up with a glimpse at those goals I was talking about. I am not real big on resolutions, as I said. I really feel that people have great intentions, but they don’t choose to make life changes to fulfill those resolutions.

I am looking to make life changes, so much more than just a few little goals and the like, but I am talking about working towards the “end goal” and my personal dreams.

For me all this is very simple, my dreams are few, but they are big for me. I want to become a published author, I want to make writing a main focus in my life, I want to get a non profit organization up and running (in honor of my wife, we were in fact working out the details of that together), and become a more spiritual person once more. All of these things can work for each other, and I think overall will help me become a more balanced person which is my personal goal.

For my readers, and my blog that means, I am hoping to post every day, and if that doesn’t work I am hoping to figure out the schedule that works best for me. For other areas of my life it means finding balance. To learning good time management skills and juggle all the things I want in my life to make them all flow. I think I am heading that way already. I have always been pretty good at time management and balance, but my years as a caregiver threw that off course just a little bit. Slowly, bit by bit I am building a new life for myself. I wouldn’t say better, because those years taught me a lot and were very rewarding in their own way. It is just new, it is the path I am on currently.

What about you? Do you find it hard to find balance for all that you want to do in life? Do you find yourself working towards your dreams? Or are you stuck, like I was in some kind of cycle, a roller coaster that is life that you can’t find the way off of?


5 thoughts on “Personal Goals for Me”

  1. I think that I’m working towards my dreams. However, I feel I’m struggling with finding the perfect balance. Although my main dream is to be a successful author, I’m also pursuing a career in journalism. It often feels like I only have time to do one or the other. As long as I’m working towards at least one long-term goal then I’m okay with that.

    It’s nice to see you around and blogging again!

    1. Yeah, balance… it is really such a tricky thing!!! I agree though, and I think I will look at it that way myself, even if I am working towards one of my long term goals, that means I am making progress!

      It is great to be back!!! I have missed it more than I realized!

  2. Balance is a struggle sometimes, especially when everything suddenly goes awry and it seems like there’s no getting back to normal. I’ve started focusing on doing what feels right and gives me a sense of accomplishment; so rather than trying to live up to some lofty ideal as far as writing and work, I’m going back to basics and taking small steps. Right now, getting 30 minutes of writing per day is working for me and makes me fell a lot more at ease than struggling to fit in a certain word count or hours per session. That may change, but finding my balance means learning to make that change.

    1. I really like that! Going back to basics. I think all too often we forget that simple idea! I was going to write in my 750 daily again and I think I really am going to do that! So no matter what I am writing. That for me is such a big thing, just writing, getting those words out, because no matter what is going on in life writing gives a sense of peace. Thanks for sharing such wonderful thoughts!

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