The Only Way

Today, when I sat down at my computer to write I was looking for some kind, any kind, of inspiration to hit and my desktop just happened to have this quote up:


Of course I no sooner thought, what a perfect thought to write on when it disappeared while I was opening my writing program. So I pulled it up and stumbled upon this thought as well:



So anyway, it really hit home. No matter how big my dreams are, no matter what my goals in life are, unless I am doing that simple little thing, unless I am writing, nothing will ever come of it! It doesn’t have to be what I see in my mind, it doesn’t even have to be perfect, it just has to happen. How ever that works for me! Not how it works for all the other writers I read about on the interwebs, not how it works for my bestie, not even how it works for the best sellers! I just have to take some chances, believe in my ability, trust that if I actually do it, anything is possible! Anything can come of it.


What thoughts do these quotes inspire in you?  Please share your thoughts, on the quotes, what I have said, whatever inspires you as you read and view!

~Pics are courtesy of the interwebs~

4 thoughts on “The Only Way”

  1. So true. The first one, made me think of the saying, “Do something that scares you every day”. I didn’t know why, but it does. Taking chances are a hard thing for me. I’m a reserved person, or I’d like to think I am. But taking chances are the only way you’ll ever climb up, since staying in your original place ain’t going to get you to high places.

    The second one is more inspiring for me. And relating. I often had this perfect idea of the scene, how it’ll play out in the movie, how everything’ll turn out, how dialogue goes that creates aching pain in the readers’ chest… but the reality isn’t. It may have achieved similar effects, but too often we wrap ourselves around the imaginary scene, and the reality seemed too dark, too far away from out fantasies. I think that may be a writer’s version of “Striving for Perfection”.

    Inspiring post and quotes. Made me think, and the quotes really look great. 🙂

    1. Yeah, I can totally see how it would relate with “do something that scares you every day” I actually used to live by that mantra a little, just to experience more. I am a creature of habit and routine, so forming new routines is hard for me and trying new things, no thanks *smiles*

      Yeah I think no matter what our craft, striving for perfection is something that we try a little too hard for. We get caught up in those little details and while doing that some is great, there is such a thing as too much.

      Thanks so much for the kind words, I would have actually posted where I found the quotes, but I had saved these on my puter for inspiration to roll through my desktop long ago and no longer remember where they came from.

  2. These quotes inspire many thoughts within me. The first quote reminds me that if we don’t take chances in life we can’t recognize our true potential. I often spend time planning things I want to do in life, but I’m afraid to take that first step. The thing is, I know that things usually work out if I just take a chance. Maybe not the first few times, but eventually. Even if taking chances results in failure, the feeling of taking those chances is an accomplishment in itself.

    As for the second quote, I often set my expectations too high because I think of where I’m supposed to be. As a writer, I’m supposed to publish and sell hundreds, maybe thousands of books in a short time. I’m supposed to have many friends and everyone is supposed to like me. Thinking of life in this manner results in increased sadness when things don’t turn out the way I expected them to be. Sometimes lowering my expectations, even if it’s just a bit, makes going out and trying new things much easier. The fear of failure isn’t that bad if I don’t set my expectations as high.

    Once again, I’m always amazed at how a couple of sentences have the power to say so much!

    1. I totally agree with you, that even the accomplishment of trying is something you can hold on to! Every step forward is a step in the right direction, even when sometimes it feels like those steps are going backwards.

      I think I set my expectations too high as well, I never even thought of that quote that way, I just thought of the perfection things always have to be, how things have to be “just so” to actually be acceptable, and that really isn’t true, we just let ourselves get hung up on that. I think I may just have to take a look at that lowering of expectations from time to time… might just make a world of difference!

      It really is amazing to me as well, the power in words. As writers that is something we should never loose sight of I think. Hmm… I think I might just have a new idea for my next blog post! Thanks for the wonderful thoughts and sparking of new ideas!

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