Leibster Award


Thanks so much to A Journal of Impossible Things for the nomination!  When I stumbled across his blog I knew instantly that it was one I just had to read!  If you have not taken the time to head his way be sure that you do!  I am sure that you will find it as interesting as I do!

Now for the award stuffs…

1. Each nominee must link back the person who nominated them.
2. Answer the 10 questions which are given to you by the nominator.
3. Nominate 10 other bloggers for this award who have less than 200 followers.
4. Create 10 questions for your nominees to answer.
5. Let the nominees know that they have been nominated by going to their blog and notifying them.

As my readers know I live for breaking the “rules” *grins* so we will see what all I manage to get done on this list shall we?  Let’s see, I already put in the link back… now for the 10 questions I suppose


01. How lit the fire for your writing? When did your passion for the written word start?

I have always had a passion for reading, and my uncle was a writer, and in high school he got me interested in poetry.  When I had an incredible English teacher who I to this day believe was the turning point in getting me interested in writing, ironically when he had us translating Shakespeare… I have a talent for Olde English.

02. Do you listen to music when you write? If you do, do you play a playlist or just one song on repeat?

For the most part I do not listen to music when I am writing, mostly because I find it too distracting.  For instance, when there is words, I end up singing along.  That said, I do however create playlists for my books.  They are playlists that inspire, remind me of the characters, of the tone of the book, of the ideas in the book, all sorts of little things that can get or even keep me in the headspace for the story.  I have gotten to the point where I can play the playlist very quietly while writing, but I have to be really in the right headspace for that to work.

03. What’s your favorite place in the world? That magical place that you always feel at home in and dream about when you haven’t visited in years?

My favorite place in the world would have to be Stonehenge, and I have only been there once.  To this day, without the pictures, and even with them I can’t believe that I have actually been there!

04. If you could only watch 5 movies for the rest of your life, what movies would they be? Care, not favorites. What movies do you think you could watch forever?

I am really not a big movie fan.  I watch a lot more of them now, mostly because it is fun to do so with my partner.  I would say that if I could only watch certain ones, Avatar would have to be in that list… 10th Kingdom would be another.  Dinotopia I think would make the list… not really sure if there would be any others, but to me those are all must see movies that I have and do tend to watch a bit more frequently.  I love the stories they have to tell and share.

05. Name a moment in your life that was out of a Hollywood movie. Action moment, romantic.

I think I would have to say my movie is totally more like a Soap Opera… I have said that Twilight reminds me of my life by far way too much *grins* but those who know me well totally laugh as they know exactly what I am saying…

06. What was the last dream you remember?

I remember many of my dreams and in fact use them most often in my writing.  The last one was strange *smiles* who knows, it might be making its way into my writing very soon…

07. What fictional character would you like to pick the brain of, if you could meet them?

Oh man alive… that is prolly the most difficult question.  There are so many I would love to have a chat with for so many different reasons.  I don’t think I could ever just pick one!  That is like trying to pick a favorite author, it just isn’t possible!

08. What book are you most looking forward to reading in the next year?

I actually just read the one I had been waiting for longest!  It was Dark Wolf by Christine Feehan.  I loved it and I hated it.  *grins* usually true for the books we have the highest expectations of.

09. What’s something you really love doing and occasionally think you could have made it a living but realized if you did, you’d hate it forever?

Anything of a crafting nature.  I know that I could sell almost everything I make, buuut… then it becomes a job and it is no longer fun.

10. What animal would you love to keep as a pet, no matter if it’s extinct or not really a pet type of creature?

Probably one of the big cats, Lynx, Jaguar, Siberian Tiger… any of those would be top of my list as amazing animals to have.  I also would really love a Puffin!  They are just the coolest looking bird!


Well, there I answered my questions… now for nominations and their questions… Let the fun begin! *grins*


1.  Writing Pieces of Me ~  I enjoy the beautiful words found on her blog, along with the honesty that shines through in her writing!
2. The Writer Backblogger ~  She has a fun and inspiring blog with a fun outlook on writing and herself that to me makes her incredibly fun to read!
3.  Butterflies and Dragons ~  She has a wonderful outlook and looks at the world in a way similar to me, I love reading the ideas she shares!
4.  fallingdownthecreativewell ~  She shares thoughts with a humor that makes me laugh all the time!  Who doesn’t want to read a blog of humor and fun?!?
5. Raven Pierce ~  I love reading her blog, sharing in her journey, is like being on the path with someone who totally understands where I am coming from in my own!
6. Writer Block ~  Great posts about writerly topics that I often find myself looking into.  Inspiring and well written, encouraging in its own light!

There you have the six blogs that come to the front of my mind at the moment.  I am sure there are many more that I love and are more than deserving of this award!  Because of the nature of these awards, if you are here reading this post, then you too are nominated if you so desire the nomination!  I feel that it is through these silly and yet fun awards that we find other bloggers and writers and places that we belong.  It is how we form bigger communities!


1) What got you interested in blogging?

2) Who is your favorite author or book series?

3) What is your most prized possession?  Why?

4) What is your favorite quote?

5) What is the best blog post you have ever written?

6) What is the best blog post you have ever read?  Why?

7) If you could meet anyone, who would it be? (This can be real or fictional, dead or alive)

8) What single quality do you most appreciate in others?

9)Describe yourself in three words:




And there you have it everyone!  Please, as always share your thoughts… do you like the blogs I have nominated?  Did you choose the nomination for yourself, to join in the fun?  Would you have picked someone I didn’t add?  Please share links here!  I love to hear from you!


4 thoughts on “Leibster Award”

  1. Congratulations and thanks so much for the nod in my direction. I really do appreciate it 🙂 I can’t promise I’ll get to those great questions, but I’ll try. Happy Friday!!

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