Another Day, More Words



Another day of Camp NaNo has come and gone.  I have not as of yet completed todays word count, but the words have come easier today.  And to top it off, not only have they come easier, but they have also been on the main storyline, not the fun version which is great news for me! Sometimes it seems all you need, when the words are not flowing is a bit of creative distraction to get the juices flowing!



On to some other news, it looks as if the Letters of Questioning will hopefully come back as of next month!!!  That said I am going to hopefully tomorrow create a poll for what you would like to see as topics for the Letters, so keep that in mind!



How is everyone else doing?  Camp staying on par?  Running behind?  No worries, it is still early in the month, plenty of time to catch up!


4 thoughts on “Another Day, More Words”

  1. Running behind, but overly stressing about it. This beginning is very slow going for me. I feel like I have to get it right before moving on.

    1. Remember the whole point of NaNo is to get the words on the paper! Do not worry if it is correct, or if you have to toss it all later! What you write now you might even like better. Look at what I did, wrote the exact opposite of my plot line and you know what, it helped a ton.
      Sides, it is very early in the month and not a weekend yet, so you have time to catch up! You can do it… just roll! *grins*

  2. Definitely running behind, but I’m finding that my goal may be more than I really need at this point. I’m just aiming to finish now 🙂

    1. well I am at least staying where I need to be, but not much more! It is still early in the month! and I do believe you can still lower your goal if you think it is more than you need or can do!! That is what I love about camp!

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