Par for the Course



So it is, I have fallen behind on my Camp Project!  I was even tempted to quit all together.  I don’t know why, I have never felt that way before… and yet… here I am.  Sadly dismayed by my poor camp story that I really love!  That said… after some really great ideas from friends, I started out with that crazy opposite story, and now… I am back to it!  I have had some more ideas and am even hoping in the future that Dreamland and I can maybe do some collaborations on it!

How about you?  Is your story going the way you want?  Have you switched gears?  Are you just dragging through?


9 thoughts on “Par for the Course”

  1. Dragging through not meeting goal, but I am writing a much, much better rough draft than usual for nano. I’ll take the win I can get 😉 Don’t you dare quit!

    1. *grins* well as of now I have had a few ideas for the story, and it is looking to shift a ton! I am excited about that, but I might just have to work on another in the meanwhile.
      Yeah I am not meeting goal this time either, I am not far behind, but enough…
      Good luck and happy writing!

  2. I’m sorta dragging through at this point. I feel like I need a large block of time to really sit down and concentrate, rather than just scribbling words down in the spare minutes that I have.

    1. Thanks so much!

      And yes… I finally had a breakthrough tonight! After painfully having starts and stops, I think I finally have a few ideas, that will really move forward. One of course will be waiting on Dreamland’s help, the other two… well, more info on those to come!

  3. I am glad and encouraged that you are blogging! I know you have it in you to keep going! If you need to set it aside, keep it in a drawer, you are shelving it and not quitting, like Stephen King did with a little series that turned into The Dark Tower!!! All is not lost! Keep on keeping on!

    1. Yeah, I wouldn’t even be shelving it, buuut the idea has transformed and it is not a collaboration project, which for that particular tale makes more sense.
      Yeah I miss blogging when I don’t do it, sometimes it just seems life likes to get in the way of my best intentions! *grins*
      Also, as of tonight I have officially now figured out how three of my WIPs are going to move forward! For me that is very exciting news indeed! More on that soon in my blog I am sure.
      Thanks for the encouragement!

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