Awards, Oh My!

So I have to thank Rachel over on Spilled Ink for the two award nominations!  She nominated me for both the Beautiful Blogger Award and the Howler Award!


 Here are the rules:

1.Copy the Beautiful Blogger Award logo
2. Thank the person who nominated you and create a link back.
3. Nominate seven other bloggers and say a little something about them.

 and The Howler




Here are the rules for The Howler Award:

1. Display the award on your blog. This can be in your sidebar or on a special award page
2. Thank the person who gave you the award and link to their blog
3. Give 3 examples of things you would like to see changed in the world
4. Nominate (in your own time) at least 5 bloggers that deserve the award
5. Donate the equivalent of $10 to a charity of your choice (optional)

 Things I would like to see changed in the world:

  1. awareness raised for all types of cancer, it’s not just pink! (not to mention the funds actually going to what they should be, oh the scandal behind the komen foundation!)
  2. People need to be better to the earth and each other and if I could find a way to make that happen… oh yeah!
  3. I think lastly I would have to say for governments to be more concerned for their own countries, instead of others!



Blogs I nominate:

  • Legends of Windemere – Charles is a fun writer, and author who supports fellow writers, if you have not checked out his blog, you should totally head over there and take a look around!
  • Wide Awake but Dreaming – Cassidy has a great way of sharing her writing journey and is always a fun and often encouraging read.
  • Winter Bayne  – Winter is a fellow Camp NaNoer with a great sense of humor and fun way of writing about life, reading and writing!
  • Lagrandil – Bruce has some great reviews and essays, and is always ready with a bit of support for a fellow writer.
  • Maggie Madly Writing – Maggie has great thoughts on more than just a writing journey, but a life journey.  As writers we are all on a journey, and sometimes we forget that life is what writing is all about!


Well, that is my nominations this time around, thanks so much again, Rachel!  I always love to know when people appreciate my thoughts and writing!


2 thoughts on “Awards, Oh My!”

  1. The Howler award is a new one for me! I think people definitely need to be better to our Earth. And I’ll check out the other blogs you recommend. Though I already follow Maggie 🙂

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