When Your Family Doesn’t Support Your Writing

Every once in a while I get down, thinking about the lack of support I receive from the people whose opinion I value the most, but this posting says it right! You can’t let lack of support stop you, life is full of rejection but only you can decide what is worth it to you! Living your dream is up to you! Make it happen and prove those naysayers wrong!

All I Have to Say

Excuse me if this post gets a little rant-ish. Maybe you’ll relate to this, maybe you won’t. Maybe your family and friends are your personal cheerleaders. Or maybe your family told you to stop playing with your imaginary friends and get a job. Or maybe your family is like mine and happily supported you back when everyone thought you’d make it big, land a million-dollar publishing contract, and get a movie deal, but fell out of love with your writing once they realized that wasn’t going to happen.

Lack of support. This is a very painful topic, but it’s one I think it’s important to discuss. Writing is largely a solitary endeavor, often undertaken by introverts. But even though we’re introverts and we’ve decided to travel the often lonely path of the writer, we’re still human beings. We crave love, acceptance, and acknowledgement. We crave community, and who better to…

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All My Best Intentions



Well ya know… what can I say?!?  *grins*

But on the bright side I did win Camp NaNo back in April!

I have been hard at work on several different projects, as usual, and have even been making some small shifts in my blog.  Because while I write a ton and am focused on getting published, there is just so much more to me than that and I am feeling a little limited!

With that said, I have been taking some more online classes, and been working out on my garden.  Trying to get it ready so I can get some vegetables in the ground.  I have also been working on healthy living.  Things like being green, and homeopathic and do it yourself lifestyles.


After all of that, what do you think?  Would you enjoy seeing more on my blog than just my writing journey?  Would you like to see some other thoughts and musings from my life?  I look forward to hearing from you!