Working Hard

I have been hard at work lately!  On what you may ask, well that, my friend, is a marvelous question!  I hinted about the workshops that I am attending and all the writerly things I have going on in my life lately.  Those workshops, and of course all of the writerly goodness, have inspired me to really take stock of my life, and make goals of where I want it to go!  And more than that, to actually take steps to make it happen!

The workshops are a series by Springboard for the Arts called Work of Art:  Business Skills for Artists.  I have only been to one, which was Career Planning for Artists, but it has truly inspired me to plan in more areas of my life than just business!

vampprophstoryboardI am also hard at work on my outline for Vampyres Prophecy, and I think… I hope… I am getting somewhere on that!  Camp NaNo is right around the corner!


Where are you sitting right now?  Are you ready for camp?  Have you been learning anything new this summer?  Have you been getting out there, getting involved in your community?


Camp NaNo T-4 days and counting!

I have obviously been making some changes around here!  I hope that you can find everything alright.  I decided it was time to work on making all my writerly accounts match and have a more professional looking writers website.

Along with all the updates I have been working on, I am getting ready for Camp NaNo!  I am really excited for this round of Camp and hoping that I wont run into the writing issues that I did last time!  I am all set to rework Vampyres Prophecy, and hopefully get it up to where I have Mo Thuras sitting right now!  Which means a finished rough outline.  Here’s to hopin’!

I have also been working hard on getting my local writing group up and running, going to a series of workshops that I will hopefully have a chance to touch on soon, and even catching some webinars!

Sadly, my garden is still not in, because I have been so busy with other things.  What about you?  Have your summer plans changed?  Do you feel like summer has steamrolled you?  What comes next?

Beat Sheets and Writing Helpers




The writer’s toolbox is a varied thing.  Each and every writer has different ideas of what to put in one.  That is a topic for another time however.  What I wanna talk about today is beat sheets.  You know, those worksheets one can use to help know where your story is going, help create an outline.  Not that I use one of those… I am a pantser, but I do like to have a bit of knowledge of my story, a bit of structure.

I have been doing a ton of looking around the web lately for those wonderful little helpers.  Of course I never find what I like, what I think is the best, but I do take the best of what I find and create my perfect worksheets.



What about you?  Do you use any prefab worksheets to learn things about your up and coming novel?  Do you use them after you have your WIP up and running?  Or do you create your own outline?  Or pants the heck out of it?  What is your process?

Getting Ready

Camp NaNo will soon be upon us once more!  I have decided that I will rework Vampires Prophecy.  I am looking forward to that.  My hope is to get it up to par with where I have Mo Thuras, to that end I have been trying to brainstorm more scenes.




Thus far a rather sad attempt.  I am sitting at only 18 as of right now, while Mo Thuras has 44!  That just tells me I have a ways to go, but at least I know a lot of the backstory so that is a start.



What about you?  Are you going to be joining me for Camp NaNo?  If so, what is your writing flavor for the month?  How many words are you working towards?  If not, why not?  What is holding you back?

Slipping By


Have you ever found life just slipping by? Sometimes it feels like a crazy rush and even out of grasp. Today I took the time to update my calendar. A much needed activity, and while doing so, I find that I have slipped on my writing a bit. While I have added a lot more writing to my life, I have not been doing the actual writing! Isn’t it funny how that can work?

So I have officially gotten Writing Posse up on Meetups and we have even had our first event! It was great! So in the updating of my calendar I learned that I now have “writing events” every week except one a month! I celebrate in this! It means that I am finally making that “writing hobby” something more.

My ever busy and crazy, hectic life is finally starting to have a bit of a routine! Maybe now I can even keep up with my blog once more! I am hoping that along with this, I can start working in my garden, growing some veggies and herbs. Maybe even look at moving my life in some kind of direction even!


I hope that life is treating everyone well, and that if it is slipping you by, you reach out with both hands and grab on! Enjoy the ride! Life is a journey! Where is yours going this summer?